What To Do When .Com Is Not Available?

What To Do When .Com Is Not Available

For a new business or startup, the struggle starts from the unavailability of the required domain name, isn’t it? It has become difficult to get the perfect domain name with the presence of 850 million active websites on the internet. With millions of active website, no wonder the domain name competition has become so aggressive.

Fortunately, there are some other ways, which we can explore to get a solution in this problem.

Get Creative –

Before you decide on taking legal action, you may want to evaluate whether another gTLD (generic top-level domain) will work. The major group of gTLD contains info, com, org, and net domains. In addition, the limited gTLD includes pro, name, and biz domains. In case .info works out for you, your problems are sorted. However, nothing looks better than a .com domain. The .com is something people usually type as it’s easy to remember and you don’t need to play that guessing game.

Or else, if you find that different gTLD doesn’t work for you then you better change your domain name. Be a bit creative; start writing as many variations of your brand’s name as many you can think of. If you want you can add in abbreviations or hyphens.

Some tips –

If a website is of non-profit organization or a foundation use .org

If a website is country-specific, use country domain extensions that can work

If .com is not available, .net is next best option

If you have tried all of the above, try checking 350+ domain name extensions to see if you can decide on something wise that is memorable and branded.


Going Aftermarket With A Broker –

A domain broker offers as the midway in the sale of purchase of a domain name. But, as you can imagine, there are pros and cons of the option.

Pros –

They are open for negotiation

They have the resources and experience to manage this transaction in a formal manner. They understand the market, territory and process well.

Realistic pricing

Broker’s don’t reveal your identity that can help with a level playing field for valuation.

Cons –

Being a seller, you are actually going to give 15-30% of the sale price and acquire transaction fees



Wait For The Domain To Expire –

If you have tried all the options you can possibly do, then only one thing is left. Wait for the domain name to expire, it might work for you.