Twitter Releases Dedicated Product Pages And Curated Collections

Twitter Product Pages

Twitter declared gradually it is going to roll out two new features, which will make the process of discovering places and products easy.  Next time, whenever you will see a tweet recommending to buy a product or visit a place might be embedded with one of the new place pages and product pages.

These pages will have rich media about the place or product being suggested, like videos and pictures, along with some valuable information such as price, description and a link to book a flight or buy the product.

Product and place pages will be rolled out as an experimental practice in small quantity. Currently this update is available only for selective influences and brands.

Twitter is trying its hands on another feature, which compliments to new place pages and product pages, and that’s curated collections of those pages. Twitter has summoned a small group of influencers – most large brands and celebrities to build collections in relation to give users an idea of what they are!

Twitter users can get access of these collections through a new ‘Browse collection’ button placed on the profile pages of curators, using either Android app, iOS app or web client. The company says this experimental update will be rolled out over the coming months.