Twitter Released New Password Killer ‘Digits’ For Web

Twitter Digits

Yesterday, Twitter introduced the form of password killer you will love to use, called as ‘Digits’, a secure platform, which was declared late last year. All you have to do is to carry your mobile phone at all times, which you must be doing all day long.

‘Digits’ has been available for iOS and Android since it was declared during the Twitter Flight mobile developer’s conference held in San Francisco late in October 2014. The roll out was intended for 2016 nations around the world, in 28 languages. With ‘Digits’ what exactly you need not to do is, you won’t have to remember the passwords and usernames in the future.

Do you know, how so many applications and websites allow you to sign in to your Facebook details? Well, you would not require a Twitter account in relation to take benefits from Digits, a standalone platform, which is a part of the company’s Fabric toolkit for developers desire to make development to their apps or manage them too.

The concept behind introducing Digits is the two-factor authentication and also the new web extension. Actually, you log into any application using your phone number and then receive a confirmation code. These codes are not fixed; they change every time whenever you sign into the application. They are protected and release you from the pain of remembering the password.