Twitter Going HTTPS on October 1st For New Links Only



Twitter is the latest major website to go HTTPS, A member of Twitter’s development team published a thread on the Twitter Community forum late last night outlining the company’s plans for HTTPS . If a link is shared on Twitter after October 1st it will be wrapped in: “”. This allows Twitter to securely send visitors to the intended destination, even if the destination page is not an HTTPS link.

This will increase the length of URLs going forward — which means less character to work with when writing a tweet that contains a link. Twitter explains that non-HTTPS sites may notice an apparent decrease in referral numbers from Twitter.

“Web browsers drop the Referer header from a request by default when downgrading from an HTTPS link to an HTTP destination in compliance with the HTTP specification for the Referer header… Based on our estimates you may see a 10% drop in traffic attribution from Twitter as a result of this security change.”