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Facebook To Show Video Ads, A Direct Competition To YouTube’s Ad

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook is releasing video ads among a small experimental group of publishers in a move developed to attract more revenue and content. As an enticement to get video creators to post more video directly to Facebook, the company will be applying revenue sharing in a way that puts the social network in direct rivalry with YouTube.

Facebook video publishers will get 55% of the total revenue from ads, which get displayed against their video. This deal is similar to what YouTube serves to its publishers. This test has already been released on Facebook’s iOS app amongst a limited number of brands such as Die or Funny, NBA, and Fox Sports. They are planning to expand the trial period for next few months to add Android and desktop.

Earlier, the only reason video creators had to post content to Facebook was the chance to get their videos perceived by Facebook’s enormous audience. Provided the fact, in the past few years the video views on Facebook have improved exceptionally. The company must have experienced pressure to give video creators added incentive to keep posting in relation to keep the force going.

Not to say, until now Facebook had not been keeping a track of its videos. With the launch of video ads Facebook will no longer be missing on potential revenue, which can be produced from its over four billion video views each day.  Video ads on Facebook will be a bit different from YouTube, in the sense that they will be implanted in between video clips whereas YouTube shows ads before the start of every video.

The new ‘suggest videos’ screen will be displayed at the end of a video. Through this suggest video screen, users will be recommended with other videos, which they may like and will be determined by Facebook’s algorithm. After watching through the video clips an ad will present, similar to an ad that comes while watching a TV show.

Google Unveils A New YouTube Gaming App For Gamers

Google New Gaming App

Yesterday, Google revealed that soon it will be introducing a new gaming app for gamers called as ‘YouTube Gaming’ which will make Google a direct competitor to the well-known live streaming app ‘Twitch’.

Last summer, Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million in cash, following a lot of speculation like Twitch is going to be bought by Google. However, nothing happened so. Google the search giant has a clear focus on a live streaming platform for gamers.

You might find it new but gaming already exists on YouTube in the form of recorded speedruns, walk-throughs, trailers, reviews and more. YouTube Gaming will have live streaming in the mix as Google states to be getting together the ‘biggest community of gamers on the web” at one place.

This new YouTube Gaming will be available from this summer in U.K and U.S. As this gaming app is developed specially for gamers, Google will be considering user feedback on its YouTube Gaming social channels and assembling that feedback in the final product.

Google Product Listing Ads To Be Displayed On YouTube

TrueView Shopping

Just a day back, Google declared an integration between YouTube videos and its product listing ads in a feature called TrueView for shopping. TrueView for shopping gives marketers a full control over the ads, that appears along with their videos, exactly down to the product details, images and calls to action.

Hence, where you are creating a video product review, an instructional video of how to use the product or possibly a list of top 10 best items in a product category will be displayed. Now you can display the right ads at the right time, boosting viewers to click to purchase the product right from there.

As per Google, YouTube receives 50% of views from mobile devices; hence you can imagine how well these new ad units will work across the devices. With the help of TrueView, shopping marketers can check the process of matching up particular product listing ads with particular videos, thanks to the incorporation of the Google Merchant Center in video ads.

To enjoy the benefits of TrueView for shopping, marketers just need to connect their campaign with a Merchant Center feed to enthusiastically add up the products to their in-stream videos. Ads are modified for every viewer using signals such as demographic info and location.

TrueView for shopping will be available on Google’s buying front end in the coming months and Google account manager can immediately start working on them.

92% Of Smartphone Users Use Google Apps!

Google Apps

Whether, you are in love with Google or scared of it, no one can deny with the fact that search engine is one of the most leading forces in the online world. As per the latest research, 92% of smartphones use Google apps.

Do you know, why Google plays a primary role? It’s quite easy to answer. Google is not just an effective, fast, and easy to use search engine, it also carries features, which are difficult for competitors to compete with. Maps, Gmail, Play Store, YouTube and Drive are examples of first-rate apps that almost everybody uses. There is one reason behind the power of Google that it’s constantly improving and investing the network. Google desires to be ahead of everyone else. The company makes sure its apps are functions and essential.  Most prominently, Google has become one of the most identifiable brands in the world. Precisely, it’s not just a brand; it has become a verb synonymous to searching on the web.

Get The Content Right For YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads If search marketers want to target larger and specific audience with quality content then AdWords for video is the best product for you. You can create a good impact even if you have a limited budget just by using AdWords. Want to know, ‘HOW’ then check below –

YouTube Statistics of reach & volume –

–         Globally 2nd largest search engine

–         Receives 28.5 million unique users every month

–         66% reach of the Internet

The majority of advertisers are considering YouTube as a important tool in their branding strategy because here they target very specific audience.

True View –

YouTube is platform, where users watch the only content they are interested in or they want to view and therefore, it is a biggest selling point of AdWords for video. Any user who is watching the video gets counted as a view. To increase views, there are options like inviting users to view the content rather than forcing.

YouTube displays two types of ads –

In-Stream –

A pre-roll ad is ad that appears before the content. Users can either skip the ad content or watch it. The advertisers have to pay only when a user watches the entire video or for more than thirty seconds.

In-Display –

The in-display ad mostly appears in YouTube search and advertisers get charged when a user clicks on a video to watch.


How To Create Right Content For YouTube Ad?

Both the ad types work effectively. However, the question is, how to get users to click the video and check the content. Firstly, think about the approach of someone who is there on YouTube. An advertiser’s should create a content that will attract the users. Pushing the promotional ads extensively might not engage the users but will definitely create an ill effect.  The ad should engage the viewer in the first 5 seconds only.  The view through rates impact the CPV, therefore, it is highly important to have a great start to a video to attract more users.

An interface of AdWords for video contains all the insights like how many users have liked, subscribed, watch and clicked the content. Advertisers can measure the reach and success of a video by analyzing CTR, VTR, earned views and subscribers etc.

Now, Change URL Of Your YouTube Channel!

YouTube Channel URL Change

Initially, when you had joined YouTube and created a channel, you were not allowed to choose an appropriate or suitable URL for your YouTube channel. You had to pick a URL from available options regardless of the irrelevance between URL & brand channel.

However, now you can get a customer URL from YouTube without compromising on branding opportunity. YouTube has stated that from this week itself they will start sending out notifications and emails to their users, who are eligible to claim a new YouTube channel URL.

From now on, YouTube will recommend you some potential URLs to choose from for your Channel based on the channel’s description. Once the new URL will be incorporated, your subscribers will now be able to reach out to your channel through the new URL.

Choose your URL carefully as once chosen, you won’t be able to modify it again. Therefore, make sure you will choose a satisfactory one.

How To Change Your YouTube Channel URL?

To be eligible to change the URL, your channel needs to fulfill few criteria –

  • Channel should have 500 or more subscribers
  • It should be 30days old
  • It should have image icon
  • It should have channel art

If you are qualified to a have a new customer URL then YouTube will inform you via email. Take the following steps after receiving email –

  • Sign in to your respective YouTube channel, reach to Creator Studio
  • Find ‘Get a new custom URL notification and then click on included link
  • You will be sent to claim a custom URL
  • You will see some custom URL, which have been allotted to you. These URLs cannot be changed. You can add few numbers or letters to the chosen URL to make it unique for you.
  • Tick mark in the box next to ‘I agree to the Terms and Services’, then click on the Change URL option.

This URL will be connected to both Google+ and YouTube channel. Once the URL is finalized, click on ‘Confirm Choice’.

YouTube Launched Music Key Subscription Service, Initially @ $7.99 Per Month

YouTube Music KeyFor a long time, there was news about YouTube offering music subscription service called ‘YouTube Music Key’ and finally today YouTube has announced it.

Presently, YouTube has launched this new service in the beta form and will offer offline listening and full album streams for $9.99 per month. Additionally, this service will give you access to Google Play Music that offers 30+ million songs and freedom to upload your own music too.

In future, YouTube will have additional feature to watch office music videos through the YouTube app.  YouTube Music Key will be available in Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Portugal & Finland at launch.

This music subscription service is currently invite-only. The users with invites can enjoy a free six-month trial pack from the company. The promotional monthly cost will be $7.99


YouTube Coming With New App Especially For Content Creators

imagesIn today’s viral world, people prefer watching video content than reading some huge write ups. And this change has started reflecting in companies over all content marketing strategy. With regards to this YouTube has come up with some good news just for you. YouTube is going to launch a new app. As per the announcement done by YouTube Partners & Creators Blog, YouTube has revealed their very first Creator Preview video, which showcases the new features YouTube focusing on.

The brand new feature is a newly developed mobile app that provides an easy access to video makers of the YouTube’s creator feature. With this mobile app, people will be able to manage their YouTube channel on the go.

YouTube is currently working on a new set features, it is the introduction of a validation method, where users can contribute their funds directly to their preferred video maker.

YouTube wants to see their content creators to make good amount of money directly from the YouTube, in spite of depending on off-site techniques like selling merchandise. Rest of the new validation techniques includes the capability to share the returns with musicians while making mashups or songs.

YouTube is also working on building a community captions project that allows the video makers to caption the content so that it will be accessible for people all around the world.