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YouTube Coming With New App Especially For Content Creators

imagesIn today’s viral world, people prefer watching video content than reading some huge write ups. And this change has started reflecting in companies over all content marketing strategy. With regards to this YouTube has come up with some good news just for you. YouTube is going to launch a new app. As per the announcement done by YouTube Partners & Creators Blog, YouTube has revealed their very first Creator Preview video, which showcases the new features YouTube focusing on.

The brand new feature is a newly developed mobile app that provides an easy access to video makers of the YouTube’s creator feature. With this mobile app, people will be able to manage their YouTube channel on the go.

YouTube is currently working on a new set features, it is the introduction of a validation method, where users can contribute their funds directly to their preferred video maker.

YouTube wants to see their content creators to make good amount of money directly from the YouTube, in spite of depending on off-site techniques like selling merchandise. Rest of the new validation techniques includes the capability to share the returns with musicians while making mashups or songs.

YouTube is also working on building a community captions project that allows the video makers to caption the content so that it will be accessible for people all around the world.