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Google’s Local Guides Encourages Users For Reviews With Rewards

Google Local Guides

“Local Guides” is a latest feature released by Google Maps, which is similar to “Yelp Elite”. As per the program, Google will reward the users for their quality reviews. For example, in case a Google user writes 50+ quality reviews, then he or she will have an access to a private Google+ community and get invitations for special events in select cities. And if case a user offers more than 200 reviews, he or she will be entitled to be showcased on the “Local Guides” official Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. “Guides” may also host exclusive Meetups, also moderate Google+ communities.

Around a month ago, Google introduced “Local Guides” through a Google+ post. However, as per the reports, now the feature has been released to the Google Maps app.

Yelp a similar kind of program rewards their users with exclusive badges for their reviews, invites to parties and other gifts also through “Yelp Elite”. If you compare “Local Guides” with “Yelp”, Local Guides seem to be more handy for users, you can sign up to take a part in the program as far as you have an office Google+ account.

Local Guides program is a precious addition to the space as it can boost up a few Google centric opportunities like Google Hangouts and Google+. Undoubtedly, this newly launched rewards program is positioning Google as a strong competitor for other reviewer programs like Foursquare or Yelp Elite. Google keeping hopes that the program will boost up the local coverage, video and photography for worldwide businesses.  An interesting part of this program is the task of hosting local events is on the users. The businesses are forbidden from offering benefits to the community, though a lot of users might find a value back in their early access o their menus or openings.

It seems that developers may be able to drag the reviews into mobile shopping apps for search purposes. The expectation is this rewards program will not just boost up the volume, but also the quality of reviews to confirm utility and overall access of the service.  Earlier, Google ran alike program named “City Experts”, whose members will be automatically shifted to “Local Guides”.

Facebook To Guide You About Places With Location-Based Tips

Facebook Location Based Place Tips

Yesterday, Facebook launched a brand new feature exclusively for iPhone app, which would help people to learn much about the attractions and places they are planning to visit. Taking a page from Foursquare and Yelp, Facebook’s place tips will present you interesting facts about the location you are at. Unlike Foursquare and Yelp, you need not check-in at these places and just to show it to your Facebook friends.

When you are out or about to, place tips might pop up on the top of your news feed. Tapping on it will direct you to a series of cards with information about your location, along with photos of your friends who have been there earlier.

Along with place tips, it will also have things like posts published by the location’s Facebook page, upcoming event and most popular menu items. Your location will be tracked by using a mix of cellular networks, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Facebook is also examining special Bluetooth beacons in selected New York business. In the upcoming weeks, NY people will be able to try out place tips in the locations like Times Square, Brooklyn, Central Park, JFK Airport and the Statue of Liberty.