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Should Search Marketers Optimize For Apps Or Mobile Web?

Mobile web or apps

The study released recently ‘Apps & Mobile Web – Understand the two sides of the mobile coin’ has suggested that how mobile users are using mobile Internet to search the content and how it importance to marketers.

As per the study, Internet usage on mobile can be separated into two sections: one browsing the mobile web and use of the apps. The boost in the number of apps served has often outshined the importance of the mobile web, rooting some confusion as to which mode of access is mainly used.

Search & Social Connection

According to the research, the most frequent way through which the mobile Internet users find the websites is from search and links shared on applications, mostly social media. On the reverse side, the greater percentages of respondents prefer to share mobile sites, which they have found through email, word of mouth and social media. However, still there are the vast majority of users who prefer search engines to get what they are seeking for.

The App Gap
88% of mobile Internet time users spend time on apps, whereas 12% time is spent surfing the mobile web. However, just 18% users say that their usage is boosted heavily towards apps.

When users were asked about the ease of use, their responses were different. An equal amount of users stated that both apps and mobile web provides ‘convenience and ease of use.’

A mixed approach helps to reach out more consumers

The study clears that if search marketers want to reach out to more consumers, it is essential to consider both mobile Internet and app usage in their marketing strategy.