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4 Essential Parts Of Online Marketing Campaigns

Important Elements Of Online Marketing

Being an entrepreneur, it’s very important to have a strong marketing plan for the services or products of their own brands.  Hence, majority of businesses are continually working on finding new ways to create brand awareness, aspiring to connect with new customers and strengthening the relationships with existing ones to ultimately obtain a loyal following.

You may have already experimented with some kind of marketing mediums that include print, TV, and radio, however you have missed out on the current online marketing tools. Online is a new marketing world, where you can reach out to the exact audience without losing the path and convey your marketing message. There are varied ways to market your business online; however, your online marketing plan will be incomplete without following important elements. Below listed elements are interconnected and therefore together they accomplish the marketing goals like website traffic, brand visibility and revenue you would like to earn.


Web Designing –

In the current trend, there is no question about the essentiality of businesses holding a strong online presence and having a well-developed website is a first thing to do. If you are an entrepreneur who considers the site design as an essential aspect of online marketing efforts then you are right. Any content and advertising that is circulated online will ultimately direct the consumers to your website hence, making it the foundation of your whole campaign. Websites should be user-friendly and attractive enough to pull visitors, a mobile responsive design and equipped with optimization techniques.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) –

Search Engine Optimization is intended to help businesses to grab higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Without SEO, there is possibility that your business will be lost in the crowd of billions of websites. We all know while using search engines to search something, the majority of time after checking first and second page, we don’t move ahead check rest hence, if your company doesn’t rank on the top position, you are likely to lose a bit of website traffic and profit. Having a well-optimized website makes a big impact on your overall online marketing strategy.


Social Media –

Incorporating social media into your online marketing plan adds a great value, especially because its free and even a small advertising budget can work here. Around the world, millions of people are engaged on different social media platforms, hence building active and updated business profile can build a strong path for you to reach out to your target customer. Social media does not just allows you to share the information about your products, brands or services through images, tweets, posts and videos, however, it also gives you the chance to build strong genuine bond with consumers.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) –

Earlier, running few commercials, advertising through local newspaper were sufficient enough to promote the business. However, world’s majority of the population uses the internet to know current news, shop and see videos of their favorite shows. This is where PPC pay-per-click banner advertising comes into the picture. Having pop ups of company offerings on search engines and a wide collection of websites repeatedly helps to get brand recognition and appear in front of consumers who actually want to buy kind of service or product you offer. PPC helps to enhance the conversion rate.



Easy HTML & WordPress Tricks To Try For Non-Coders

HTML Coding

Do you know, how a non-coder feels, when he or she faces a computer code! It undoubtedly brings ‘LOST’ expression on their faces.  They find coding as a most complicated task, which is not always the case. The time has changed, it has become necessary to know some basic HTML coding to manage a website. Hence, to help out those non-coders, today we have got answers to some basic HTML & WordPress questions that people face some or other time.

Have a look!

How do I jump ahead in a post?

To create a page jump, you just have to integrate some simple HTML code like –

The basic link command <a href=”#codeword”>……………..</a>

Where the jump will scroll the page <a name=”codeword”></a>

How do I place image in between list without disturbing the order?

Here are some HTML tags you must know –


<li>Sample 1</li>

<li>Sample 2</li>


<a href= ”Sample image”/></a>


<li>Sample 3</li>

<li>Sample 4</li>


How do I embed a Tweet?

Go to a tweet, click on the three dots (…) next to favorite (*) icon. Then click on Embed Tweet and copy the code. Now select the Text view in the CMS and paste the code. Now, preview it.

How can I get an infographic to show in a large size in a post?

WordPress can reduce the size of infographic in a post. To avoid that you can try these two tricks –

Just take the height and width out and swap it with width. It will surely work.

Transform the image to a PDF and update it in the gallery like normal.

Five Questions Your Designer Should Ask You

Questions Web Designer Should Ask Client

In the booming online world, hiring a quality and very well technically updated designer has become a necessity. However, many times due to lack of communication or some other reasons, the coordination between the client and designer get ruined. This situation can be tackled just by creating few simple questions to ask designer. Hence, we have come up with a list of few brainstorming questions, which will solve a lot of headaches of clients and designers.

Questions Web Designer Should Ask You (Client)

Which are the niche sites that you admire?

This is a standard question and you should not be surprised if a designer asks you for niche sites that you like. A designer can’t work with zero reference points. Naturally, this forces the designer to get an idea what types of websites are in the niche and also which type of output do you expect from him or her as a designer.

What is a Conversion to you?

Sometimes, it looks like this is unwise question. However, making you think to about what a conversion means and express that and informing them about the aspects they might not think of right way can prevent a lot of headaches. The designer should know, what a conversion according to you is, it should be there in the initial mock-ups to avoid future confusion.

What are three or two sites outside your niche that you prefer?

This question is equally important, since it removes the restrictions of website you admire as your niche. E.g if you are dealing with mountain bike equipment then the website must be e-commerce website. This will make designer understand that some of the unique feels and looks you like to have. This question will force you to go beyond your niche and make the designer realize what you are imagining early in the process.

Who will be the part of approving the designs and what would be the process of decision making?

This question is equally important for both designer and client. As the way designer has to know with whom to communicate, similarly even the client should understand what is the role of each person should be. If you wish to keep the whole working process smooth going then keep just one to communicate with designer, who will make the final decision and communicate with designer.

What technical considerations are there?

If you are having a custom backend to manage reservations, then the designer should know this. If you are having an in-house server for hosting, they should know about it. Precisely, they should be aware about technical environment to work accordingly.

HTTP/2 The Biggest Update To HTTP In 16 Years

HTTP/2 Update

Today, HTTP took a next major step towards becoming reality, it has been formally finalized and now is moving towards being completely standardized.

As per the blog published by IETF HTTP Working Group’s chairperson, Mark Nottingham, the standard was completed today and now it is on its way to the RFC Editor to move through the editorial processes before being circulated as a standard.

HTTP is a big deal; it’s an upcoming big version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, spot the largest change since 1999, when HTTP 1.1 was accepted.

The latest standard brings various benefits to one of Web’s major technologies, like longer-lived connections, speedier page loads, server push, and more items coming sooner. HTTP/2 utilizes the same HTTP APIs, which developers are familiar with, however, serves various new features they can accept.

One prominent change is, the requests for HTTP will be ‘cheaper ‘ to make. The Web community has frequently told developers to overlook too many HTTP requests to their pages that lead to optimization methods such as concatenation or code in line to lessen the requests. With HTTP/2 a brand new multiplexing feature, a lot of requests can be delivered at one point of time, so the page load is not blocked.

HTTP/2 also uses considerably fewer connections, hopefully impacting in lesser load for networks and servers. Google’s SPDY protocol was the base of new HTTP standard that is utilized by some technologies to control traffic that helps to develop security and latency, providing speedier page load times. Recently, Google released its plan to entirely shift to HTTP/2 in chrome.

5 Tips On Deciding The Perfect Time To Redesign The Company Website

Website Redesigning

Have you redesigned your company website? Not, yet! What are you waiting for, redesigning the website holds a lot of importance in attracting the visitors on website. If you have stuck with finding the right time to do it then here we have come up with some important factors, which each website owner should analyze before deciding over redesigning the website.

Go through the following points, which will guide you to take a decision on redesigning the company website –

  1. If you have a website, developed in an old style design then it will do a little to support your business in today’s highly competitive market. Hence, first check how old your website is, if it has been developed just 2-4 years ago with a nice face-lift then you can postpone your designing plan but if it is 5 years old or more then it’s time for redesigning!
  1. Old websites are not compatible for smart phone screens. Website, which don’t have responsive website design attributes cannot be accessed by any type of Internet devices and due to that you can miss out a lot of sales opportunities.
  1. Have you checked your competitor’s website? The competitors are revamping their websites. This reason should be more than enough to take a step towards redesigning the company website. Staying updated is one thing but staying updated about competitors is imperative.
  1. Your website needs new functionality. Creating new functions or apps for a website could be time-consuming & expensive too. But, you can use free WordPress plugins on a newly created responsive WordPress site. This can be a great idea as plugins are free or available at a nominal cost.
  1. Updating the website content is preferred. Redesigning the website with the help of Content Management System gives an opportunity to everyone to update any part of a website with an ease. WordPress serves a feature that has been a part of this framework from many years.