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Types Of Content Leading In Today’s Digital Marketing World

Types of content

In the current era of digital marketing, content means everything. Nowadays, content does not mean just a standard 500 word blog article with some stock photo and call to action. In relation to make the content go viral with unbelievable numbers, you need to stand out in the crowd. Let’s check out some of the most recent game changers from the digital marketing world.

Live Streams –

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is very simple to live stream.  It’s been quite a long time UStream is there and now companies like Periscope and Meerkat got involved in the mix creating apps, which can be introduced at the tap of your finger on the smart phone.  This approach is real-time, gives content urgency, allows viewers to take a part, and is prepared to share at the tap on smartphone.

Gifographics –

In case you are searching for a kind of content to ‘one up’ your infographics, the most suitable option could be the gifographic. It’s a mix between a static and an interactive Infographic. If you do not have enough budgets to go all out with a custom interactive, a visually moving Infographic is perfect for you. These stand out among the static graphics and are much likely to be shared on the web. In the end, if it’s working for Google then it should work for your business.

Podcasts –

Today’s customer likes to find value and therefore today’s technology is ideal for podcasting. Podcasts are the best combination with comparatively low-cost to create and with a several playing and recording options; it is something that everybody can do. Not just that, users seeking a break from reading a blog post can discover a podcast. It’s easy for users to listen.  Moreover, smartphones make podcasts easy and accessible to share. A podcast can be a perfect investment for your company, if you are searching for another way to reach out to your consumers.

Involving The Fans –

The content trend is moving towards interactivity. It is not just about engaging the target audience but also about allowing them to communicate with the content. This is also supported by the growing technology trends and two way communications between consumers and brands. In relation to keep up with the competition, you must consider how you can build content, which includes and interacts with your target audience.

The time has come, when we have to think out of the box and be ahead of the game in today’s digital marketing trends. This does not mean putting more money, it’s coming up with a more artistic way to catch your followers and boost them to pass along your content.