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Twitter Going HTTPS on October 1st For New Links Only



Twitter is the latest major website to go HTTPS, A member of Twitter’s development team published a thread on the Twitter Community forum late last night outlining the company’s plans for HTTPS . If a link is shared on Twitter after October 1st it will be wrapped in: “https://t.co”. This allows Twitter to securely send visitors to the intended destination, even if the destination page is not an HTTPS link.

This will increase the length of URLs going forward — which means less character to work with when writing a tweet that contains a link. Twitter explains that non-HTTPS sites may notice an apparent decrease in referral numbers from Twitter.

“Web browsers drop the Referer header from a request by default when downgrading from an HTTPS t.co link to an HTTP destination in compliance with the HTTP specification for the Referer header… Based on our estimates you may see a 10% drop in traffic attribution from Twitter as a result of this security change.”

Twitter Rolling Out Redesigned Search Experience

Twitter Search Interface

A reformed version of Twitter’s search results interface is releasing out to all logged-in web users, says a recent report. Moreover, to a much streamlined feel and look, the new Twitter search will allow you to strain the results to show just top tweets, accounts, live tweets, news, videos, photos, and so on.

The web based Twitter search will come back with all new search result pages starting with a selection of top tweets, which is not different from what you would expect to see in Twitter’s old search interface.

Earlier, when you had just two options of sorting search results – either all tweets or top tweets – now there will be new tabs available, which will allow you to smoothly shift between ‘Live’ tweets, videos, photos, accounts and many other options.

The new interface is quite users friendly to access the advanced search options such as sort tweets that show tweets based on who is tweeting from the surrounding area of your current location.

This new interface update started rolling out from last week following a restricted test of the new search interface, which started back from April.

The main objective of this update appears to make Twitter search simpler and more spontaneous. Possibly as a way to make the service much interesting to new users who may feel overawed by Twitter’s learning curve. A spokesperson from Twitter has confirmed that currently the update is in the process of releasing out to all the users.

Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Social Media Image Size Guide

It has been observed that people have a major misconception about the usages of images on social media. You cannot post one image on all social channels. Image should be designed in different sizes for each social channel to maintain the clarity and proportion. Let’s check what should be the size of images for each individual social media site.

Facebook Image Size –

On Facebook, we have to use images for various purposes like profile image, cover pic, ad etc.; therefore the sizes differ for single Facebook profile or page.

Profile image – 160*160 px

Cover image – 851*315 px

Ad image – 470*174px (desktop news feed)

560*208px (mobile news feed)

254*94px (Right column)


Twitter Image Size –

Header image – 1500*500 px

Profile image – 400*400 px

Twitter post – 1024*512px


LinkedIn Image Size –

Background photo – 1000*425px (width)

4000*4000px (height)

Banner Image – 646*220px

Ad image – 50*50px


Google+ Image size –

Cover image – 480*270px

Profile image – 250*250px


Pinterest Image Size –

Profile image – 165*165px

Board cover image – 217*147px

Images represent your brand on social platforms; therefore, they should look proper and make a good impression on consumers.

Twitter Releases Dedicated Product Pages And Curated Collections

Twitter Product Pages

Twitter declared gradually it is going to roll out two new features, which will make the process of discovering places and products easy.  Next time, whenever you will see a tweet recommending to buy a product or visit a place might be embedded with one of the new place pages and product pages.

These pages will have rich media about the place or product being suggested, like videos and pictures, along with some valuable information such as price, description and a link to book a flight or buy the product.

Product and place pages will be rolled out as an experimental practice in small quantity. Currently this update is available only for selective influences and brands.

Twitter is trying its hands on another feature, which compliments to new place pages and product pages, and that’s curated collections of those pages. Twitter has summoned a small group of influencers – most large brands and celebrities to build collections in relation to give users an idea of what they are!

Twitter users can get access of these collections through a new ‘Browse collection’ button placed on the profile pages of curators, using either Android app, iOS app or web client. The company says this experimental update will be rolled out over the coming months.

Twitter To Increase The Limit Of 140 Characters For Direct Messages

Twitter To Exceed Character Limit

Twitter has announced that from July onwards the limitation of 140 characters on direct messages will be removed. However, this new update is not applicable in public facing tweets. The character limit will rise till 10,000 characters, allowing Twitter users to make longer private conversations.

Till now, the limit on direct messages has been same as on the public tweets, imposing people to send too many messages in a row if they are unable to say whatever they want to convey in 140 characters. This new change seems to make the direct messaging function work more like Facebook Messenger that a lot of people now use as substitute to email to stay in touch with friends.

Twitter said this new change will help users to connect with business, causes, and people more easily. Users can decide whether or not they want to receive messages from unknown people using the website’s privacy settings.

Google’s Local Guides Encourages Users For Reviews With Rewards

Google Local Guides

“Local Guides” is a latest feature released by Google Maps, which is similar to “Yelp Elite”. As per the program, Google will reward the users for their quality reviews. For example, in case a Google user writes 50+ quality reviews, then he or she will have an access to a private Google+ community and get invitations for special events in select cities. And if case a user offers more than 200 reviews, he or she will be entitled to be showcased on the “Local Guides” official Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. “Guides” may also host exclusive Meetups, also moderate Google+ communities.

Around a month ago, Google introduced “Local Guides” through a Google+ post. However, as per the reports, now the feature has been released to the Google Maps app.

Yelp a similar kind of program rewards their users with exclusive badges for their reviews, invites to parties and other gifts also through “Yelp Elite”. If you compare “Local Guides” with “Yelp”, Local Guides seem to be more handy for users, you can sign up to take a part in the program as far as you have an office Google+ account.

Local Guides program is a precious addition to the space as it can boost up a few Google centric opportunities like Google Hangouts and Google+. Undoubtedly, this newly launched rewards program is positioning Google as a strong competitor for other reviewer programs like Foursquare or Yelp Elite. Google keeping hopes that the program will boost up the local coverage, video and photography for worldwide businesses.  An interesting part of this program is the task of hosting local events is on the users. The businesses are forbidden from offering benefits to the community, though a lot of users might find a value back in their early access o their menus or openings.

It seems that developers may be able to drag the reviews into mobile shopping apps for search purposes. The expectation is this rewards program will not just boost up the volume, but also the quality of reviews to confirm utility and overall access of the service.  Earlier, Google ran alike program named “City Experts”, whose members will be automatically shifted to “Local Guides”.

Twitter To Display Tweets In Google Search

Twitter rankings on Google search

Twitter has made a deal with Google to display tweets in the search results, as the well-known micro-blogging messaging platform wishes to expand its reach beyond 284m monthly active users. The home of the 140-character message that is ready to report full-year earnings on Thursday, as per the sources, it has signed an agreement with the leading search engine company.

Now, people will be able to see the tweets and not just twitter user profiles, when they will search it on Google. Twitter and Google had a similar bond from 2009 to 2011, however, since it has failed and Twitter had a deal to serve data from tweets to Microsoft’s Bing search service.

As per the deal, Twitter plans to disclose the new statistics on the size of its user base, which has disappointed with slow user growth, dropping the stock by 37% in the last year. The 1.4bn users on Facebook and the 300m on Instagram owned by Facebook outshine twitter’s userbase.

Twitter Released New Password Killer ‘Digits’ For Web

Twitter Digits

Yesterday, Twitter introduced the form of password killer you will love to use, called as ‘Digits’, a secure platform, which was declared late last year. All you have to do is to carry your mobile phone at all times, which you must be doing all day long.

‘Digits’ has been available for iOS and Android since it was declared during the Twitter Flight mobile developer’s conference held in San Francisco late in October 2014. The roll out was intended for 2016 nations around the world, in 28 languages. With ‘Digits’ what exactly you need not to do is, you won’t have to remember the passwords and usernames in the future.

Do you know, how so many applications and websites allow you to sign in to your Facebook details? Well, you would not require a Twitter account in relation to take benefits from Digits, a standalone platform, which is a part of the company’s Fabric toolkit for developers desire to make development to their apps or manage them too.

The concept behind introducing Digits is the two-factor authentication and also the new web extension. Actually, you log into any application using your phone number and then receive a confirmation code. These codes are not fixed; they change every time whenever you sign into the application. They are protected and release you from the pain of remembering the password.

Twitter Knows What Apps You Use, But Don’t Worry, You Can Restrict It

Twitter Mobile App

Do you have a Twitter app on your mobile? If yes, then Twitter is going to deliver you ‘tailored content’ based on the apps available in your mobile.  The objective behind releasing this new change is just to deliver the content you might be interested in.

Twitter specifies that they are just collating a list of apps you have installed in your mobile and not about what all things you do within the apps.

The company has named this initiative as an ‘App Graph’ and it is designed to collect the data to serve a more personalized experience.  Following are some of the things it may do with the data collated about your apps –

–         Improvised ‘Who To Follow’ by recommending other people with similar interests.

–         Displaying content in your timeline, which Twitter believes you will find interesting like account, tweets or other content.

–         Showing more relevant promoted content.

Whenever this feature will be activated, you will receive a notification saying ‘to help tailor your experience, Twitter uses the apps on your device’. Yes, this is understandable that you won’t like Twitter to find the unnecessary data about you.  However, if you don’t want to share the data about the apps you have in your mobile, then follow the below steps to manually shut off the feature –

For Android Users –

–         Tap on the overflow icon

–         Tap Settings

–         Tap the twitter account you want to adjust

–         Under other, you can manage the setting to Tailor Twitter based on my apps.


For iOS Users

–         Go to Me tab, tap on the gear icon

–         Tap settings

–         Tap the Twitter account you want to adjust

–         Under Privacy option, you can manage the setting to Tailor Twitter based on my apps.