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Twitter Rolling Out Redesigned Search Experience

Twitter Search Interface

A reformed version of Twitter’s search results interface is releasing out to all logged-in web users, says a recent report. Moreover, to a much streamlined feel and look, the new Twitter search will allow you to strain the results to show just top tweets, accounts, live tweets, news, videos, photos, and so on.

The web based Twitter search will come back with all new search result pages starting with a selection of top tweets, which is not different from what you would expect to see in Twitter’s old search interface.

Earlier, when you had just two options of sorting search results – either all tweets or top tweets – now there will be new tabs available, which will allow you to smoothly shift between ‘Live’ tweets, videos, photos, accounts and many other options.

The new interface is quite users friendly to access the advanced search options such as sort tweets that show tweets based on who is tweeting from the surrounding area of your current location.

This new interface update started rolling out from last week following a restricted test of the new search interface, which started back from April.

The main objective of this update appears to make Twitter search simpler and more spontaneous. Possibly as a way to make the service much interesting to new users who may feel overawed by Twitter’s learning curve. A spokesperson from Twitter has confirmed that currently the update is in the process of releasing out to all the users.