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Twitter To Display Tweets In Google Search

Twitter rankings on Google search

Twitter has made a deal with Google to display tweets in the search results, as the well-known micro-blogging messaging platform wishes to expand its reach beyond 284m monthly active users. The home of the 140-character message that is ready to report full-year earnings on Thursday, as per the sources, it has signed an agreement with the leading search engine company.

Now, people will be able to see the tweets and not just twitter user profiles, when they will search it on Google. Twitter and Google had a similar bond from 2009 to 2011, however, since it has failed and Twitter had a deal to serve data from tweets to Microsoft’s Bing search service.

As per the deal, Twitter plans to disclose the new statistics on the size of its user base, which has disappointed with slow user growth, dropping the stock by 37% in the last year. The 1.4bn users on Facebook and the 300m on Instagram owned by Facebook outshine twitter’s userbase.