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Businesses will soon be able to find a new home on Instagram with their Official presence

The photo sharing app with more than 400 million users is now maturing for business. It previewed new profiles and tools for businesses which will be available to users in U.S, New Zealand and Australia in the next few months.

The major noticeable changes will be a “contact” button to the business profiles, a new detailed analytics tools& ads premium tools to turn posts into ads. These new features will make it easier for people to interact with businesses.  Companies will be able to add contact details including email address, telephone even message along with map directions. Now isn’t that cool.

For the first time it has introduced business profile analytics which will be available within the App.  This will provide a detailed analytics unlike the previous one. It will include age, location, time spent on Instagram by fans.


And when it comes to your own posts, you can also look at impressions — a valuable metric to marketers and social media managers. Adding impressions into the mix will allow businesses to get a better idea of how many people are viewing their posts, rather than relying on likes and comments alone.

With the app’s new promotion tools it will allow businesses to reach beyond their current followers through sponsored posts. It also allows organizations to select a target audience and call to action for their ads, were designed to be accessible to those without marketing or advertising backgrounds.


4 Essential Parts Of Online Marketing Campaigns

Important Elements Of Online Marketing

Being an entrepreneur, it’s very important to have a strong marketing plan for the services or products of their own brands.  Hence, majority of businesses are continually working on finding new ways to create brand awareness, aspiring to connect with new customers and strengthening the relationships with existing ones to ultimately obtain a loyal following.

You may have already experimented with some kind of marketing mediums that include print, TV, and radio, however you have missed out on the current online marketing tools. Online is a new marketing world, where you can reach out to the exact audience without losing the path and convey your marketing message. There are varied ways to market your business online; however, your online marketing plan will be incomplete without following important elements. Below listed elements are interconnected and therefore together they accomplish the marketing goals like website traffic, brand visibility and revenue you would like to earn.


Web Designing –

In the current trend, there is no question about the essentiality of businesses holding a strong online presence and having a well-developed website is a first thing to do. If you are an entrepreneur who considers the site design as an essential aspect of online marketing efforts then you are right. Any content and advertising that is circulated online will ultimately direct the consumers to your website hence, making it the foundation of your whole campaign. Websites should be user-friendly and attractive enough to pull visitors, a mobile responsive design and equipped with optimization techniques.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) –

Search Engine Optimization is intended to help businesses to grab higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Without SEO, there is possibility that your business will be lost in the crowd of billions of websites. We all know while using search engines to search something, the majority of time after checking first and second page, we don’t move ahead check rest hence, if your company doesn’t rank on the top position, you are likely to lose a bit of website traffic and profit. Having a well-optimized website makes a big impact on your overall online marketing strategy.


Social Media –

Incorporating social media into your online marketing plan adds a great value, especially because its free and even a small advertising budget can work here. Around the world, millions of people are engaged on different social media platforms, hence building active and updated business profile can build a strong path for you to reach out to your target customer. Social media does not just allows you to share the information about your products, brands or services through images, tweets, posts and videos, however, it also gives you the chance to build strong genuine bond with consumers.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) –

Earlier, running few commercials, advertising through local newspaper were sufficient enough to promote the business. However, world’s majority of the population uses the internet to know current news, shop and see videos of their favorite shows. This is where PPC pay-per-click banner advertising comes into the picture. Having pop ups of company offerings on search engines and a wide collection of websites repeatedly helps to get brand recognition and appear in front of consumers who actually want to buy kind of service or product you offer. PPC helps to enhance the conversion rate.



How To Ace In Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing

Apps have been existed much longer than most of us realize. In the year 1990, the first app made its appearance through PDAs such as Palm Pilot and the Psion. It was a time when apps used to run on Symbian, Java, Bada, Brew and much more. As we know, apps have made their debut in 2008 with the release of Apple’s App Store immediately after the launch of the Android Market of Google.

Today, app development has become a full-fledged career stream with 627,000 jobs released by the iOS ecosystem since 2008 in the US only. 2014 was an incredible year for the app industry with a $25 billion record-breaking revenue made in a just single year. Google Play was the ultimate leader in 2014, when the number of apps was doubled in its store. The app Store developed too, by almost 60%.

Another side of this boom town story is that currently 1.2million apps are hosted on the app store, approximately 80% are ‘zombie apps’ with hardly measurable downloads. The story is not extremely different for around 1.4 million apps, which Google Play hosts.

The most prominent issue faced by the app is one of discovery. What should they do, to stand out in the crowd of apps and get attention from the users? Here is the answer –

Great Product Deserves Great Response –

As an app developer, your apps is your blue-eyed baby. For you, it is the best, most amazing app ever to place in an app store. However, that’s not enough, share your app idea with your family and friends to know what they think of it. If you are building an app for your business then get inputs from your business customers. The basic requirement of any smash-hit app is very simple. The app should have swag. This doesn’t mean all style and no substance. Build an app, which user will with each other to download. You can fulfil that presently exists. You can add new functionality to an existing app form, and build something completely new.

Optimize Your App –

Innumerable hours are spent optimizing websites to make them discoverable by search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. In comparison, the amount of attention app developers give to optimizing their apps is considerably low. This needs to be taken into the accounts. You know that you have to create a great app, your friends know that, however, your audience does not. Hence, optimize it properly and make it visible for everyone. There are pretty clear ‘in-app’ elements that help to boost your apps visibility.

– Start with your app name
– Get the description of your app written by professional writers
– List out your app in the right category before you move ahead
– When it comes to app downloads size matters

Spread word through social media –

In the current scenario, no marketing plan is complete without including social media in the plan. Before you put thousands of dollars or rupees in marketing your app, start creating a social identity of your app through social platforms, which are known as planet of potential audience.

Maintain an active mobile optimized site –

As per the research data, nearly 40% of users discover an app through the internet or the mobile web. When a visitor clicks on the app through a search results page or clicks on an ad through mobile phone, user has to be landed on a page, where he can get to know more about it. In simple words, a mobile optimized, functional site that presents your app’s best features, is an important aspect of getting users to learn a lot about your app and download.

Why You Should Know The ROI Of Your Social Media Campaigns?

Importance of measuring social media ROI

Do you know what is the ROI of your Social Media campaign? It is really essential to measure the ROI as every SME should know the effort he or she is spending is worth the money and time. There are some more reasons to know the ROI of social media campaigns like,

Time & Money –

As we mentioned initially, if you are spending money as well as time at some work, it needs to be valuable and the value should be provable, possibly by tracking the company and team goals. If it doesn’t then you must question yourself ‘why you are doing it or why you are running a campaign? Without being too existential about it, the majority of people work for an enterprise that has some sort of goal, with metrics, from there, they can check the drop down effect of teams, departments, and individuals focusing specific objectives/KPIs/metrics/ anything you call them, is pretty common.

If you are counting retweets, repins and likes under ROI then there are a few important considerations, which should be applied, such as –

  • Do you know what a given number of Likes/Pins/Retweets or whatever you receive in terms of accomplishing your total revenue or company objective? How it helps to grow conversions, sales or lead generation?
  • Do you know that the mediums you are using are the best and suitable channels for your brand?
  • Do you know that you are successfully allocating the exact amount of time for each channel based on the ROI of your brand?


The Channel, the Method and the Message –

If you are not keeping a track of the ROI of your social campaigns, you might don’t know what is working and what not, and why. But actually you should know about it because this is the way how you will do the better marketing, gain higher ROI and a planned understanding of what kind of mixture of channels your brand requires to target the audience.

Channel – Channel you are utilizing to allocate your marketing. This contains things like Pinterest, Twitter, Marketo, YouTube, SlideShare and more.

Method – The method is the form of asset or content you have created. Examples like image, email, white paper, case study, video, landing page, e-book, and podcast etc.

Message – means campaign or main theme you want to convey to your target audience. This is how you evaluate the efficiency of your campaigns, in spite of the mediums and methods you have considered for them. This comes in handy when you add new methods or mediums to a campaign and things either go flop or hit – you can point out what particularly wasn’t working and make real adjustments.

Check the report –

If you are investing your lot of time on social media campaigns, then you must know what how they are working for your brand and how to take advantage of it! Whether you are in-house marketer, an agency, contractor or executive, if you are not aware of the ROI of your social media campaign or expense that means you are not checking the report, which might be inaccurate. You can bet that if your social media reporting is incorrect that means it’s incorrect elsewhere.

3 Tools With Hashtag Monitoring Dashboard

Hashtag Monitoring Tools

Before the existence of online digital world, we never knew that hashtag # a very common symbol would play a major role in the social marketing world in the near future, isn’t it? Now, the hashtag is everywhere, on every social platform and it is fun to use it. Apart from social media, a lot of people are using hashtags for monitoring guest blogging opportunities, spreading brand awareness, mainly through twitter chats, communicating with friends, brainstorming and searching which questions my capable audience is looking to answer and so.

However, the question is, how can we monitor various tools at a time? There must be a lot of people, who are facing the same hitch. So, here are some steps, which you can take to track various hashtags and use them in different ways.

Tweetdeck –

  • Desktop
  • Free
  • Twitter Only
  • Useful for monitoring important hashtag, where you would wish to react quickly

Tweetdeck is the most pro-active monitoring tool because it allows you to multi-task, helps to manage your brand in real time. With tweetdeck, you can keep your brand pages active 24/7.


Hootsuite –

  • Web based + browser plugin
  • Paid
  • Twitter
  • Best for managing one hashtag through various platforms

There are lot of SMEs who are totally depend on Hootsuite for everything, they publish, share or do on social media. With Hootsuite, you can monitor brand across all multiple platforms. Brainstorming can be done with Hootsuite, as you can search Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in one dashboard.

Cyfe –

  • Web-based
  • Freemium
  • Google plus and twitter
  • Ideal for monitoring various hashtags on a regular basis

With Cyfe, you can create multiple dashboards and monitor all updates from one place.  For an example, one dashboard to manage twitter chats, another one to monitor interesting hashtags, one for the content brainstorming hashtag, etc.

How To Do Effective Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

In the current scenario, many marketers have been flattered by the social media advertising, considering it as the only ‘cooler’ and much effective than email marketing. There is no doubt that social media receives enormous attention and response than email marketing. However, it’s not true that email marketing is no longer effectual. Any marketer who has done email marketing will tell you that email has always remained a cornerstone of marketing campaigns.

Not yet convinced? Check out the below tips to make email marketing effective –

1.      Subject Line –

When customers receive hundreds of emails in a day, they most probably delete all the non-engaging emails. Thus, certainly, the most important part of your email is the subject line, you need to get customers to check out your email, before they delete it from their mailbox and move onto the next mail. The best subject lines work as an incentive for opening the mail. If the lines contain some sort of promotion or discount, customers are likely to open it. Moreover, try to keep the subject line between 30-50 characters. Keeping it shorter, crisp and central to the subject line always works well in this scenario.

2.      Visual –

It’s a proven fact that the emails that are less clutter in terms of content involved in the body generate more conversion rates. Also, your email message must contain not more than 2-3 different typefaces & involve a good balance between photos and text. It is also suggested to evidently add your company’s logo to ensure reliability and increase branding.  Since, the world is evolving technologically the chances are high that the consumers will check their email on their smartphone, tablet or devices; hence it is crucial that your emails are optimized for all the devices.

3.      Call To Action –

In the end, the ultimate goal of your email is to express a clear call to action. Also, it should be mentioned at least 3 times throughout the email. Moreover, if readers are clicking on the given links in the message that means your call of action is getting success. Before you run an email marketing campaign, don’t forget to check the landing page, it should be relevant to the message, promotion or information you actually want to share.

SEO Can’t Survive Without Social Media, You Know Why?

Social Media For SEO

What do you think, ‘does social media play an important role in getting good search engine rankings? We think, it does, but actually the question should be like, “Can SEO succeed without social media?” And we definitely believe no, it cannot. In current scenario social media is having a major share in shaping up the society. And it doesn’t seem that social media will lose its grip from our social lives so easily. That means search engines will always seek for ways to integrate with specific social signals into the ranking algorithms. Indeed, Social media is a real time pulse of what we love, what we like or dislike and loathe. With the help of social media, search engine just wants to spread out relevant, useful content for both the social and search masses & each individual.

Social Media Has Transformed SEO Forever –

Social media has undoubtedly changed the landscape of SEO and now there is no going back for sure! Earlier, links were the basic off-page factor for search engines, which experts used to consider while analyzing the popularity, authority and importance of a site. Now, Social Media is a new backlink.

Just a few days ago, Matt Cutt from Google had stated that they are also planning to drop out backlinks from their Google algorithm so don’t be surprised if Google will continue to bring down the links or completely remove it from the picture. The chances of removing the links completely are less, however, Google will definitely start depending less on backlinks and find alternate link value mechanisms and add it in Google algorithm.

So, as links will be considered less that means social media will be valued more. And something will be of course ‘social media’. Social media ranking factors are as wide as ‘on page’ ranking factors and therefore, social media stands as a powerful addition to the blend of algorithm signals.

Search Engine Ranking In 1999 & In 2014 –

Without going through the entire search engine algorithms, we can easily say that search engines were entirely dependent on on-page factors for rankings. Google had introduced links as an element that helped to show much relevant results than the rest of other search engines. After which, people started linking their site to only those sites, which added the value to the trick they were using for ranking.  And after that as we can see the whole SEO industry got messed up with massive link manipulation. And therefore, Google had started cutting down the ‘bad’ links, which were made with indecent intent.  But till then, links and on-page optimization had reached everywhere.

In 2014, the scenario is totally different. Today, there are a lot of factors, which matter to search engine ranking such as content, usability issues, conversion and social media prominently.  Search engines want to show sites, which will prove valuable for searchers. If the site doesn’t have information what the visitor is looking for then the site won’t receive visitors and ultimately the conversion rate will go down. All these signals prove that the site itself is of low searcher value.

Social Connection Can Help SEO Causation-

Even though social media marketing doesn’t have a direct connection with rankings, it surely helps out with search engine ranking. As social content receives the same signals, which search engines are looking for. This way indirectly social media supports the rankings. Content that deserves to get ranked should also do well in social globe and vice-versa.

Social media does not boost up the rankings but it certainly enhances the ranking opportunities. Social media provides an awesome platform to promote content, however, that doesn’t mean it is a promotional platform, it is more of an engagement platform. Promotion is just a small part of building engagement.

Having a better engagement on social media has both a page specific and a site wide effect that can turn into ranking opportunities, which you might miss if you fail to build your presence on social platforms. Nowadays, when large amount of sites are jumping on the social bandwagon, it is highly essential to get on to the board or else the competitors will go ahead of you.

Despite, all the failed predictions made in the past 15 years, SEO hasn’t expired yet and will not in future. However, that does not mean it can stay alive. It can’t. As along with good links, SEO also needs strong social media support in order to get top search engine ranking.

How To Make Pinterest Campaign Successful & Drive Conversions?


Do you know every minute Pinterest receives more than 3,400 pins from users? Yes, that’s true and it’s a great news for social marketers for running out their marketing campaigns as it seems that people are spending more time on clicking pins and interacting with brands.

The latest statistics prove that Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy products as compared to other social media sites; also Pinterest receives 300% more revenue for per click as compared to Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. Due to all these positive aspects of Pinterest, marketers have started finding Pinterest as an opportunity to convert the leads, also an original & an effective way to utilize Pinterest to accomplish their KPIs.

So, today let’s check out how successfully you can promote your brand on Pinterest and increase the conversion rate.

1.      Promote campaigns with contests & delight followers

If you wish to delight your followers and keep them following with you, then plan a Pinterest contest but before launching the content, go through the following last minute tips –

  • Set an objective for the contest – If you aim to increase the number of followers, brand awareness, leads or conversions, set a goal and keep the contest simple by reducing terms & condition. Keep it simple.
  • Decide the terms & rules of the contest – Decide & align the contest rules in advance, don’t change it at the last minute.
  • Offer an impressive incentive – Put high prize, an irresistible incentive for grabs.
  • Explore numerous channels for promotion – Don’t use just one channel; spread the contest promotion on all various social channels through paid advertising or through affiliates. Promoting content on more than one site will help to increase the reach of contest and ultimately of a brand.
  • Keep the participation process easy – If you want more and more number of people should participate in your contest, then keep it simple with crystal clear rules & guidelines.
  • Keep an eye on results – Maintain spreadsheets & analytics to measure the results. It will help you to know how effectively your content is spreading across the followers, optimizing, & achieving goals.

2.      UCG – a powerful social proof

If you want to create hype of your upcoming marketing campaign then user generated content will help you to achieve new leads and create a buzz.

Things to do –

  • Boost up fans to upload photos of your service or product
  • Ask them for video testimonials & reward the best one
  • Give access of your board to pinners

3.       Create a buzz by collaborating with influencers

  • Let the strategic partners & influencers add to your Pinterest boards so that they will be able to create buzz and momentum, which will be the social proof for you.
  • Connect influencer pins to dedicated landing pages to grab leads for nurturing.