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Facebook tests the shopping feature



Facebook wants its users to shop for clothes and other products from their mobile phones without leaving its app.

In order to move further into e-commerce and compete with Amazon’s retail aids, Facebook has announced that it is testing numerous ad features that will allow users to shop directly through its app.

There are few users making purchases on mobile phones because it is slow and cumbersome, but Facebook paves a way  to win over more ad dollars by smoothing the process. Mobile purchases make up less than 2% of all retail sales, according to research firm eMarketer.

“We’re looking to give people an easier way to find products that will be interesting to them on mobile, make shopping easier and help businesses drive sales,” said Emma Rodgers, Facebook’s head of product marketing for commerce.

‘’Tied together ‘’ Shopping Festivel by Face Book for Raksha Bandhan



To encash the festive opportunity, Facebook has come up with a unique shopping fest named as   ‘’Tied Together’’ on account of Raksha Bandhan.   The social giant joined hands with media agency GroupM and will set up a website between August 12 and August 29, according to Economic Times report.

Facebook would use its subscriber base and social networking platform to drive traffic to the shopping site.  Companies participating will have to pay a certain amount  that will be shared by Facebook, GroupM and other media agencies.

Facebook is looking for a title sponsor at an asking rate of Rs 3 crore along with a principal sponsor at a similar rate besides associate sponsors for Rs 1.5 crore each. The social networking giant has 11.2 crore users in India.