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4 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid While Updating Website

Are you planning to update your product line or brand? If so, then while updating your website, pay close attention towards your website SEO too. Moderating your website infrastructure makes it vulnerable to the domain authority and search engine indexing.


There are a lot of reasons why a website should be updated? Especially because of the consistent technological growth, you need to update the website multiple times. The moment you update your website, you start sensing some SEO shakeups, even if you are too careful about it, at least a handful of keyword ranking movements will be expected. Don’t get scared by this situation. Rather, start working towards preventing SEO damages, look at it as an opportunity to improve your SEO plan for long-term, even though if there are a few bumps throughout the way.

Inconsistent URL Structures –  

Disparity between the old and new website’s URL structure is one of the prevalent problem people face while updating the website. This disparity is responsible for numerous issues, so you might be attracted to just keep your URL structure simply the way it is – however, unfortunately this would leave back the purpose of upgrading your website at the first place.

Here, the major concern is that Google considers, consistency and history, which rating its domain authority. It clears the Web for the URL structures of different sites and indexes that information as part of its understanding of the broader web. When Google crawls your website, it expects to get those old URLs as a base structure, with new pages constantly appearing in the expected areas. When Google doesn’t find the old URLs, it puts a red flag that could directly leave a considerable impact on your SEO.

CMS Changes – 

During the procedure of updating your website, you may also consider changing or upgrading your CMS platform. There are huge high-quality platforms available, each platform with their own respective pros and cons, however, all the platforms have reliable or proper capabilities.

Designing Interference – 

Website builds upon various pillars. Number of different teams work together to build it, however, sometimes this team work leads to conflicting goals. While your search marketing efforts will be focused on increasing and preserving your domain authority and search rankings, your designer team’s goal will be to make a site visually dynamic and innovative. Unfortunately, SEO practices and visually appealing designs don’t go hand in hand.

Falling To Update Strategy – 

Updating the website is the biggest challenge, it gives you an opportunity to solve a lot of issues you may have forgotten or neglected while building your old website. It’s a good chance to make all the new changes and adjustments in your website’s on-site structure and twist to your long-term strategies.

How To Use Email To Boost Up The Organic Traffic?

How To Use Email To Improve Traffic?

We all know emails don’t leave a direct impact on search engines. However, that doesn’t mean it is not at all connected to SEO. Therefore, don’t ignore the massive impact it can do.  So, today let’s discuss how can you use email marketing to improve your site traffic!

Collate The Emails –

First start with collating the email addresses. Majority of people ignore it but still email marketing ranks as the preferred and most effective technique for circulating content online. There are some people, who still use feed readers to spread the content but it is no more popular, especially since the downfall of Google Reader.

Email Keeps The Brand Name Central In People’s Mind –

Usually, we don’t remember the brand; if we have noticed the brand once but we have bombarded with similar one then the chances of registering it increases.  The Same magic, continuous reminder emails also do. Emails help people to remind about the brands on a regular basis, which ultimately results in capturing a central position in customer’s mind.

Send Emails & Bring Back Visitors –

Email marketing helps to retrieve the site visitors.  Readers, who have signed up to the blog, receive the reminder emails about the new updats. This ultimately directs them to read the blog. Sending reminders of a blog is a way of pushing people to reach out to your site.

Emails Boost On-Site Engagement –

The visitors who visit your blog or site repetitively are certainly the most engaged visitors. They are the one who are responsible for writing 41% of total comments on the blog. Email visitors are responsible for an increasing content share by interacting with the content, groups etc.

Email Drive Up Social Engagement –

Email updates not only boost up the blog traffic but also improve the social sharing. Social sharing helps the blog to reach out a maximum number of people and improves the Google ranking of the content. Social sharing is an effective way to get some additional traffic on the site. Every visitor is important regardless of their geographical location what matters is their engagement with your blog.