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4 Essential Parts Of Online Marketing Campaigns

Important Elements Of Online Marketing

Being an entrepreneur, it’s very important to have a strong marketing plan for the services or products of their own brands.  Hence, majority of businesses are continually working on finding new ways to create brand awareness, aspiring to connect with new customers and strengthening the relationships with existing ones to ultimately obtain a loyal following.

You may have already experimented with some kind of marketing mediums that include print, TV, and radio, however you have missed out on the current online marketing tools. Online is a new marketing world, where you can reach out to the exact audience without losing the path and convey your marketing message. There are varied ways to market your business online; however, your online marketing plan will be incomplete without following important elements. Below listed elements are interconnected and therefore together they accomplish the marketing goals like website traffic, brand visibility and revenue you would like to earn.


Web Designing –

In the current trend, there is no question about the essentiality of businesses holding a strong online presence and having a well-developed website is a first thing to do. If you are an entrepreneur who considers the site design as an essential aspect of online marketing efforts then you are right. Any content and advertising that is circulated online will ultimately direct the consumers to your website hence, making it the foundation of your whole campaign. Websites should be user-friendly and attractive enough to pull visitors, a mobile responsive design and equipped with optimization techniques.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) –

Search Engine Optimization is intended to help businesses to grab higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Without SEO, there is possibility that your business will be lost in the crowd of billions of websites. We all know while using search engines to search something, the majority of time after checking first and second page, we don’t move ahead check rest hence, if your company doesn’t rank on the top position, you are likely to lose a bit of website traffic and profit. Having a well-optimized website makes a big impact on your overall online marketing strategy.


Social Media –

Incorporating social media into your online marketing plan adds a great value, especially because its free and even a small advertising budget can work here. Around the world, millions of people are engaged on different social media platforms, hence building active and updated business profile can build a strong path for you to reach out to your target customer. Social media does not just allows you to share the information about your products, brands or services through images, tweets, posts and videos, however, it also gives you the chance to build strong genuine bond with consumers.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) –

Earlier, running few commercials, advertising through local newspaper were sufficient enough to promote the business. However, world’s majority of the population uses the internet to know current news, shop and see videos of their favorite shows. This is where PPC pay-per-click banner advertising comes into the picture. Having pop ups of company offerings on search engines and a wide collection of websites repeatedly helps to get brand recognition and appear in front of consumers who actually want to buy kind of service or product you offer. PPC helps to enhance the conversion rate.



How To Do Effective Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

In the current scenario, many marketers have been flattered by the social media advertising, considering it as the only ‘cooler’ and much effective than email marketing. There is no doubt that social media receives enormous attention and response than email marketing. However, it’s not true that email marketing is no longer effectual. Any marketer who has done email marketing will tell you that email has always remained a cornerstone of marketing campaigns.

Not yet convinced? Check out the below tips to make email marketing effective –

1.      Subject Line –

When customers receive hundreds of emails in a day, they most probably delete all the non-engaging emails. Thus, certainly, the most important part of your email is the subject line, you need to get customers to check out your email, before they delete it from their mailbox and move onto the next mail. The best subject lines work as an incentive for opening the mail. If the lines contain some sort of promotion or discount, customers are likely to open it. Moreover, try to keep the subject line between 30-50 characters. Keeping it shorter, crisp and central to the subject line always works well in this scenario.

2.      Visual –

It’s a proven fact that the emails that are less clutter in terms of content involved in the body generate more conversion rates. Also, your email message must contain not more than 2-3 different typefaces & involve a good balance between photos and text. It is also suggested to evidently add your company’s logo to ensure reliability and increase branding.  Since, the world is evolving technologically the chances are high that the consumers will check their email on their smartphone, tablet or devices; hence it is crucial that your emails are optimized for all the devices.

3.      Call To Action –

In the end, the ultimate goal of your email is to express a clear call to action. Also, it should be mentioned at least 3 times throughout the email. Moreover, if readers are clicking on the given links in the message that means your call of action is getting success. Before you run an email marketing campaign, don’t forget to check the landing page, it should be relevant to the message, promotion or information you actually want to share.

6 Simple Tips To Build Stronger Mobile Presence Than Your Competitors

Importance of mobile website

In today’s smartphone freak world, it has become extremely important to work on preparing mobile ad strategies, which can reach out to each diverse mobile user. The strategy includes considering a change in timing, search patterns and usage of the device. The basic step towards targeting the mobile audience is to first assess and prepare a mobile ad program, which should elaborate the lifestyles and needs of the mobile users.

Retailers around the world are pretty aware about how drastically the mobile market is rising. Hence, it is totally worth it to target mobile users and form a strong online presence.

Thus, today we have come up with some brilliant tips that will help you to build up a strong online presence.

1.   Online website is not enough, have a good mobile website too! – 

Having online website is not enough in today’s time; you need a mobile website too, to target your potential customers. Every business should have a proper working mobile website, which people can check on the go, take a look of products or services and place an order. User experience matters a lot, when it comes to about online business or online marketing.  Once your mobile website will be done, make sure you frequently test your mobile website on various devices like IOS, Android and check whether it appears and works properly or not.

2.    Stylize your search ads and get attention for mobile bargain seekers –

Let the mobile users feel that your website is there to fulfil your needs. Add a custom call to action in the search ad description and create a mobile suitable ad on the backend. This will help you to increase the overall reach of your mobile ad campaign.  Integrating the creation of mobile ad with a customer data analysis like search pattern, purchase time by user category can help businesses to optimize their mobile ads better way and get a great ROI across the world.

3.    Let the users reach out to the call of action –

Mobile users like to find call of action immediately because searching through a mobile device is not that easy. Hence, add the call of action at the proper place and keep the purchase process simple. Also the sales funnel should appear quickly as mobile users don’t like to wait for a long time. The mobile based sales funnel must have three pillars, fast, easy, and to the point.

 4.    Go with direct ads and shorter keywords –

Mobile users prefer typing shorter search queries because of a small size keypad; hence, it would be thoughtful if you would build an advertising plan as per the search behavior. Also, it is highly important to convey your message directly and offer a call to action. As people should get to know what exactly they should do on the website.

 5.    Track customer behavior pattern and results –

You should know the behavior pattern of your website visitors. Google offers you an amazing set of free tools to know your visitors very well. Primarily, make sure you have installed Google analytics to check bounce rate, goal conversion rates, average time on site and much more relevant data that could show positive mobile results.

Each & every day, the mobile industry is experiencing new and brilliant inventions, which show great opportunity to businesses to get new potential customers both offline and online. Mobile users carry completely different behavior than desktop users and therefore, it should reflect in your marketing plan. This way you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Learn & Explore The Content Creation With Facebook Through New ‘Facebook Media’

Facebook Media Page

After rolling out a lot of puzzling and surprising algorithm changes, yesterday Facebook came up with something innovative and enlightening for users. “Facebook Media” it is a new sub page of Facebook that highlights the amazing marketing examples running throughout the world. It showcases how the popular public figures, media companies and creative organizations are building connections with audiences with the help of Facebook.

With this new media sub page, Facebook is going to share impressive success stories, best marketing practices and many more that will guide worldwide content creators and will push them to give a second thought over their content creation strategy and make it much more effective.

The page talks about various things, therefore, it is divided into four major sections, which focus over common goals shared by media organizations and content creators.

Below, we are sharing a glimpse of what exactly the page has brought in its bucket for you! Have a look!

Engage Your Facebook Fans –

This section discusses about how famous personalities can use various Facebook tools like Facebook Mentions and get connected with their fans through their own Facebook page. It also contains some brilliant examples of engaging content that you can consider and use for yourself.

Share Videos –

Do you have videos of your product or service? Yes, then share it and let it reach out to the audience. This section talks about how can you engage more and more audience just by sharing videos. And make the best use of call of action and video metrics to engage and understand your audience.

Drive Traffic –

Drive traffic tells you about how to pull traffic by practicing the methods like sharing the blog or website links on the Facebook page, putting the share and like badge on the website and many other best practices.

Incorporate Social & TV content –

Do you work on creating content for television also? If yes, then this section is useful for you. Here, you can find the information related how to take your TV audience on your Facebook page…for example you can promote the TV show by creating a hashtag of the same and featuring it in trending topics and get it noticed by good amount of audience.

With this new media page, Facebook desires to be a good resource of information for media agencies and content creators to explore much about how to attract and engage the audiences and also keep them updated with new and upcoming practices.