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New Generation SEO – App Indexing

New App Indexing

Google’s existing method of crawling web pages with a spider was not just inefficient; however it was dependent on hyperlinks. Apps don’t use hyperlinks to attach content as Web pages do, so a much efficient way for Google to explore content in an app is through an API.

In 2015, Google has launched the capability to index app content through an API known the Mobile App Indexing API. It is quite different, in 2012, it seemed like Google will request the brands for the access of content API in a way mobile apps use APIs to settle content within the app through a web server. But, Google’s Mobile App Indexing API performs differently, here developers notify Google about where the content stays within their app and which content URL relates to their website. Then Google has the option of diverting users to check the content on a Web page or inside the app.

How It Performs?

The App Indexing API offers a way for developers to alert Google about deep links in their built in apps. This allows the Google app, version 3.6 and above to boost re-engagement via Google Search query auto completions, serving easy and fast access to the inner pages in apps.

The very first thing developers have to do is, allow deep linking for their app, from the Developers Console. Then connect your app to the website. After that, make sure the app is set up to function with Google Play services. Your developers will have to set up actions known ‘intent filters’ that convey Google when a user is checking the section of content, what is the title of content, and if there is a web page on the site that has the similar content.

When a user reads a piece of content in your app, Google will be informed through their app indexing API through the content that occurs in the app.

Google’s Mobile App Indexing API is lot more about helping users to navigate the content, it already knows about deep inside an app. As different to Google using the API to find and observe new content it did not exist.

Signals Major Shift In Search

This indicates the start of a major shift in search: mobile apps will start contending with traditional websites for traffic and rankings. That surely means that brands have to understand how to optimize their own app content to stand on top position in Google’s search results.

Currently, app SEO is more about optimizing and less about SEO, and more about optimizing the web-based form of the content and connecting that content to the matching content within the app. Then Google can finalize which form of content to display in the search, based on device and behavior of the person searching.

New Generation SEO –

Google’s App Indexing API will moderate the conversation of what true app SEO is and how it will grow. In spite of just optimizing the description and title of an app’s listing in the app store, in fact now you can talk about optimizing the content inside the app.

How To Ace In Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing

Apps have been existed much longer than most of us realize. In the year 1990, the first app made its appearance through PDAs such as Palm Pilot and the Psion. It was a time when apps used to run on Symbian, Java, Bada, Brew and much more. As we know, apps have made their debut in 2008 with the release of Apple’s App Store immediately after the launch of the Android Market of Google.

Today, app development has become a full-fledged career stream with 627,000 jobs released by the iOS ecosystem since 2008 in the US only. 2014 was an incredible year for the app industry with a $25 billion record-breaking revenue made in a just single year. Google Play was the ultimate leader in 2014, when the number of apps was doubled in its store. The app Store developed too, by almost 60%.

Another side of this boom town story is that currently 1.2million apps are hosted on the app store, approximately 80% are ‘zombie apps’ with hardly measurable downloads. The story is not extremely different for around 1.4 million apps, which Google Play hosts.

The most prominent issue faced by the app is one of discovery. What should they do, to stand out in the crowd of apps and get attention from the users? Here is the answer –

Great Product Deserves Great Response –

As an app developer, your apps is your blue-eyed baby. For you, it is the best, most amazing app ever to place in an app store. However, that’s not enough, share your app idea with your family and friends to know what they think of it. If you are building an app for your business then get inputs from your business customers. The basic requirement of any smash-hit app is very simple. The app should have swag. This doesn’t mean all style and no substance. Build an app, which user will with each other to download. You can fulfil that presently exists. You can add new functionality to an existing app form, and build something completely new.

Optimize Your App –

Innumerable hours are spent optimizing websites to make them discoverable by search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. In comparison, the amount of attention app developers give to optimizing their apps is considerably low. This needs to be taken into the accounts. You know that you have to create a great app, your friends know that, however, your audience does not. Hence, optimize it properly and make it visible for everyone. There are pretty clear ‘in-app’ elements that help to boost your apps visibility.

– Start with your app name
– Get the description of your app written by professional writers
– List out your app in the right category before you move ahead
– When it comes to app downloads size matters

Spread word through social media –

In the current scenario, no marketing plan is complete without including social media in the plan. Before you put thousands of dollars or rupees in marketing your app, start creating a social identity of your app through social platforms, which are known as planet of potential audience.

Maintain an active mobile optimized site –

As per the research data, nearly 40% of users discover an app through the internet or the mobile web. When a visitor clicks on the app through a search results page or clicks on an ad through mobile phone, user has to be landed on a page, where he can get to know more about it. In simple words, a mobile optimized, functional site that presents your app’s best features, is an important aspect of getting users to learn a lot about your app and download.

Should Search Marketers Optimize For Apps Or Mobile Web?

Mobile web or apps

The study released recently ‘Apps & Mobile Web – Understand the two sides of the mobile coin’ has suggested that how mobile users are using mobile Internet to search the content and how it importance to marketers.

As per the study, Internet usage on mobile can be separated into two sections: one browsing the mobile web and use of the apps. The boost in the number of apps served has often outshined the importance of the mobile web, rooting some confusion as to which mode of access is mainly used.

Search & Social Connection

According to the research, the most frequent way through which the mobile Internet users find the websites is from search and links shared on applications, mostly social media. On the reverse side, the greater percentages of respondents prefer to share mobile sites, which they have found through email, word of mouth and social media. However, still there are the vast majority of users who prefer search engines to get what they are seeking for.

The App Gap
88% of mobile Internet time users spend time on apps, whereas 12% time is spent surfing the mobile web. However, just 18% users say that their usage is boosted heavily towards apps.

When users were asked about the ease of use, their responses were different. An equal amount of users stated that both apps and mobile web provides ‘convenience and ease of use.’

A mixed approach helps to reach out more consumers

The study clears that if search marketers want to reach out to more consumers, it is essential to consider both mobile Internet and app usage in their marketing strategy.

How To Increase Downloads Of Your App?

How To Increase Downloads Of App

Developing an app is not an easy thing to do. You must have worked hard to make your app look perfect and ready to download. After making the app available, it’s expected that you will see some quick downloads. However, it’s a temporary phase as in the majority of cases the numbers of download start reducing day by day. That means developing an app and then uploading it on Google Play Store is not enough. Getting more and more number of users on app and making them download it is vital, if you wish to make good amount of profit out of it.

To make it happen, you need to engage and encourage the users to download the app. It is a tricky process for developers who have developed the app very first time. Downloads will increase only when the app will reach out to s large number of people. Make your app popular to get it noticed by users. There are a lot of things, which you need to consider to increase the downloads of your app such as –


1.     Translated App Descriptions –

Whenever a user comes across to a new app, firstly he looks out for a description to know what exactly this app is all about? Therefore, work on your description and create a nice long description for your app. Describe your app in local language like Spanish, Korean, Chinese or French. Google Play has a feature to translate the description automatically with Google Translate.

Moreover, don’t forget to infuse popular keywords in the title and description of an app, this way you will increase the chances of getting your app displayed on top of the page. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your app and also don’t do over stuffing of keywords. The content should be good and professional. The title should be relevant to the use and function of the app.

While listing out the app features, be transparent and mention about the monetization as well if it is there in the app.


2.    Make A Video –

Create a video for your app and increase your app visits. Yes, video will definitely boost up downloads of your app. Hire a professional agency to get the best video for your app and use it as a major promotional tool for your app.


3.   Limited Discounts –

For a period of time, you can either offer your app for a free of cost or at a half price. As nothing will pull the customers better than a good bargain price. You can use some specific software to manage the timing and timescale of your app discount. Making an app available at half price or free will boost up downloads; also it will help to rank the app at a higher position in the list of popularity.


4.    Get Reviews –

If you can get some reviews published about your app on some popular blogs then it will surely prove beneficial for your app. There are many blog writers, who would like to review your app and write about it.


5.    Use Social Media –

If you want to make people talk about your app then social media is a great platform to do so and that too free. You can use various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…to increase the awareness, engage the audience. Also, with the help of social media sites you can keep your followers updated about the app and online app world.