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How To Ace In Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing

Apps have been existed much longer than most of us realize. In the year 1990, the first app made its appearance through PDAs such as Palm Pilot and the Psion. It was a time when apps used to run on Symbian, Java, Bada, Brew and much more. As we know, apps have made their debut in 2008 with the release of Apple’s App Store immediately after the launch of the Android Market of Google.

Today, app development has become a full-fledged career stream with 627,000 jobs released by the iOS ecosystem since 2008 in the US only. 2014 was an incredible year for the app industry with a $25 billion record-breaking revenue made in a just single year. Google Play was the ultimate leader in 2014, when the number of apps was doubled in its store. The app Store developed too, by almost 60%.

Another side of this boom town story is that currently 1.2million apps are hosted on the app store, approximately 80% are ‘zombie apps’ with hardly measurable downloads. The story is not extremely different for around 1.4 million apps, which Google Play hosts.

The most prominent issue faced by the app is one of discovery. What should they do, to stand out in the crowd of apps and get attention from the users? Here is the answer –

Great Product Deserves Great Response –

As an app developer, your apps is your blue-eyed baby. For you, it is the best, most amazing app ever to place in an app store. However, that’s not enough, share your app idea with your family and friends to know what they think of it. If you are building an app for your business then get inputs from your business customers. The basic requirement of any smash-hit app is very simple. The app should have swag. This doesn’t mean all style and no substance. Build an app, which user will with each other to download. You can fulfil that presently exists. You can add new functionality to an existing app form, and build something completely new.

Optimize Your App –

Innumerable hours are spent optimizing websites to make them discoverable by search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. In comparison, the amount of attention app developers give to optimizing their apps is considerably low. This needs to be taken into the accounts. You know that you have to create a great app, your friends know that, however, your audience does not. Hence, optimize it properly and make it visible for everyone. There are pretty clear ‘in-app’ elements that help to boost your apps visibility.

– Start with your app name
– Get the description of your app written by professional writers
– List out your app in the right category before you move ahead
– When it comes to app downloads size matters

Spread word through social media –

In the current scenario, no marketing plan is complete without including social media in the plan. Before you put thousands of dollars or rupees in marketing your app, start creating a social identity of your app through social platforms, which are known as planet of potential audience.

Maintain an active mobile optimized site –

As per the research data, nearly 40% of users discover an app through the internet or the mobile web. When a visitor clicks on the app through a search results page or clicks on an ad through mobile phone, user has to be landed on a page, where he can get to know more about it. In simple words, a mobile optimized, functional site that presents your app’s best features, is an important aspect of getting users to learn a lot about your app and download.