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Facebook Will Show You, What You Want To See, More Control On News Feed

Facebook News Feed

Over the years, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has gone through the numerous changes to collate the most relevant content. Today the social media giant has introduced an update developed to give you more control on what you see in News Feed.

Now Facebook’s News Feed Preferences show three additional options for filtering through the content you check when you arrive on the website or open an app.

Prioritize Pages & Friends – decide which pages and friends you usually prefer to see content from. They will be seen in News Feed.

Follow/ Unfollow – Stay attached without un-friending people with Facebook’s updated unfollow/follow tool. Unfollowing somebody simply prevents them from being seen in News Feed.

Explore New Pages – Look for more pages to follow based on the form of pages you have specified you like referring content from.

You will be able to adjust these settings at any time just by going to the settings under News Feed Preferences section. From today, the update will be available on iOS and soon on Android.

Facebook Upgrades Messenger Allows Support For Third Party App

Facebook Messenger Supports Third Party App

After making announcement in the F8 developer conference about Messenger, it is all set to receive third party app integration, the leading social network platform Facebook has taken out an update to its free iOS app supporting the feature.

Optimized for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the recently updated Facebook Messenger allows users to actually ‘use other apps’ to express themselves in new fun ways. Giphy is one of the first iOS applications to receive Messenger integration that allows users to simply send GIFs to one another. Ultratext, Bitmoji, Pic Stitch and ClipDis are also integrated in the updated app.

It’s extremely simple to install third party apps in Facebook Messenger. As a user, you just need to touch a button through which you will be able to access the application’s functionality in their chat interface. You can go through the list of 3rd party apps, which are already supported by Facebook Messenger.

In the release notes of app, Facebook advertises Messenger’s new features, stating that iOS device owners can utilize the app to:

  • Receive and send videos, GIFs, photos and more
  • Quickly reply to the same app
  • Take a look of GIFs automatically
  • Easily get the apps your friends are using
  • Find new apps to install right from Messenger

Certainly, this is more than just a few GIFs. Facebook is enforcing a lot to monetize its Messenger service that has a user base of more than 600 million people. This newly launched platform allows business to incorporate with Messenger, turning the application in an efficient source of income for Facebook.

This upgraded Facebook Messenger is free to download on the App Store and it is optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Layout From Instagram For Creative Artists Like You

Layout from Instagram

Two days back Instagram launched a new app called ‘Layout’ that allows you to easily mix up the multiple photos in a single image. It is simple, it is fun and it gives you all new way to stretch your creativity.

When you will open a Layout, you will get to see previews of custom layouts as you select photos from your camera. To find photos easily, they have added Faces option, which shows you all the photos clicked through your camera roll and feature people.

Right from there, you get complete artistic control. Just drag and drop the pictures to reposition them, pinch to zoom of the sides of every photo to adjust the size and get the right layout. Then rotate and flip your photos to make cool mirror effects and arrangements.

The app also has Photo Booth. You just have to tap on it to start a countdown and click the photos, which you will be able to see immediately in a layout. From visualizing mirrored landscapes to sharing numerous moments from a complete adventure, you will see these various types of storytelling happening on Instagram. Layout is an app that makes it easier for you to unlock your creativity. The app is currently available only for iOS devices in Apple’s app store. It will be available for Android in a few months.

Mobile Search Spend To Go Beyond Desktop By Next Year; iOS Leading Mobile Web Traffic

iOS mobile search traffic

One recently published report has revealed the projections for mobile search spending for over the next 4 years. As of now, it seems that mobile search spending in the US is expected to exceed desktop search spending.

The overall search spending contains companies putting money into both SEO and PPC ads, for both tablets and smartphones. The predictions are amazing considering last year mobile accounted for just a quarter of all search spending.

In addition next year the ROI of mobile search spend will continue to trace desktop search. The report points out that it is necessary to measure the performance on mobile, especially when it holds a major impact on sales in physical stores.

iOS – Mainstream Mobile Traffic Sender

The recent survey in relation to mobile traffic suggested that, iOS traffic is more as compared to Android.

Furthermore, since the release of iPhone 6, web traffic from iOS devices has reached to 61.4%, while 37.5% mobile web traffic is received from Android devices. Therefore, we will conclude that large population of people is iOS devices and possibly even Android users are shifting to iOS.  Although, Android is the leader, but iOS is significantly used for mobile browsing.