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Instagram Gives Freedom To Edit The Caption & Improves People Search


Yesterday, Instagram came up with an exciting updates and improvements, which will definitely make a lot of enthusiastic Instagramers happy!

Earlier, after publishing a photo, you were not able to edit the caption unless and until you won’t delete the photo and republish it. However, in this new update Instagram will be offering you the ‘Edit’ option below the posts, which you can use to correct or change the caption.

With this new update, it will be extremely easier for you to find new accounts and business to follow. Now, when you will click on the ‘Explore’ section, you will see two tabs to select from – a People tab & a Photos tab. The ‘People tab’ will show Instagram accounts, which you might find interesting. It’ll work with ‘Photos tab’ in similar manner. This Instagram update is available on Android & iOS from today.

4 Instagram Tools To Boost Up Your Account

4 Best Instagram Tools

With slow yet steady speed, Instagram has become one of the most engaging, powerful and rapidly growing social media. Not just Facebook & Twitter, but nowadays people try hard to keep updated their Instagram account too. Being a social media marketer, you must be exploring the marketing shade of Instagram and various other IG related topics, right! However, have you done research on Instagram tools? There are various Instagram tools available in the online world, which you can use to make your Instagram marketing campaign much effective.  Also, with the help of some carefully selected Instagram tools, you can actually turn your lazy ‘brand-awareness Instragramming’ into active campaign.

Below, we have listed few useful Instagram tools, which are worth checking out –

Latergramme –

With Latergramme, you get the facility to publish and schedule Instagram posts from a mobile device or desktop. However, this facility is free for some extent only, later on you would need to pay some amount to value out of this tool. Still it is worth considering, as it allows to add more accounts and account managers, which is a beneficial aspect especially for agencies.

Hootsuite –

You must be aware about the Hootsuite, isn’t it? Majority of people use Hootsuite for scheduling posts on Twitter and Facebook, however, do you know you can use it to examine your hashtags and keywords on Instagram too! Yes, you can try this out. Still, Hootsuite doesn’t offer the feature of scheduling and publishing the Instagram post.

Regram –

Regram is an essential Instagram tool that every brand with a loyal follower base should have. With the help of Regram, you can immediately repost the Instagram content, initially shared by someone else. This gives an awesome opportunity to brands to re-share the content posted by their fans.

Iconosquare –

Iconosquare is another ‘must have’ tool for any social marketers or businesses, which are looking at Instagram as a serious marketing platform. The statistics speak the same as majority of top brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Gap use Iconosquare. With the help of Iconosquare, you can check the statistical growth of brand, response and much more. Moreover, Iconosquare also offers an option to build promotional contests.

12 Awesome & Free Of Cost Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

If you are a social media marketer then it is certain that you must be handling multiple social media accounts, right? After getting the authority of handling multiple accounts it becomes difficult to be online 24/7 and handling all accounts at one time. Due to that some intelligent developers have come up and built some awesome social media management tools, which place all your social media accounts under one dashboard from where you can easily monitor, collaborate and schedule all the social media accounts.

A lot of people out there are already using these time saving tools. Sendible, Social Sprout, HootSuite, SocialOomph, Bitly and Buffer are some of the efficient tools, which can help you with managing your multiple social media networks. Some of these amazing tools charge money; hence if you are a bit tight with your budget then money can be the problem for you.

Also, not all the tools will help you to build content, check when your audience is active, see how many conversions have been done or convey the trending keywords.

However, still you can make the most out these tools and use it brilliantly.


1.      Social Mention –

Social Mention is like a Google Alerts, however, it monitors only social media properties such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & some more 80 social media sites. You receive daily email alerts with Social Mention. The most interesting thing about Social Mention is, it’s 4 metrics such as –

Sentiment – It shows the ratio of positive mentions on the negative mentions

Strength – The possibilities of your brand being talked on social media

Reach – Calculates the influence by separating the number of unique visitors who have referenced the brand by total number of social mentions

Passion – The possibilities of people continuing to mention the brand.

2.      Addictomatic –

Addictomatic is actually a discovery platform, which go through the Bing, Google, Flickr, YouTube, WordPress and Twitter and finds the latest news, blog posts, videos or images based over keywords. You might get addicted to this tool because it is customizable.

3.      IceRocket –

IceRocket is another tool that helps to monitor particular keywords.  Just like other social media tools, IceRocket also include various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and many more, however, the uniqueness about IceRocket is it offers trending reports. You just need to enter the terms you wish to see mentioned and you will receive a graph describing how many posts done in a day also the total amount of blog posts done in the past 30 days period.

4.      IFTTT –

IFTTT defines ‘if this then that’; it is a service through which you can build strong connections with people. IFTTT is connected to 132 channels that contain social media networks, businesses such as Best Buy, eBay and many more. With IFTTT, it will be extremely easy for you to stay connected with both the worlds, online as well as offline.

5.      SumAll –

SumAll is built particularly for small business owners. It not only provides you the ability to monitor and measure the social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it also gives you the freedom to connect with other service such as PayPal, Google Analytics. From one convenient place, you can keep all your important platforms up to date.

6.      Google Analytics –

If you own a website then you must be using enormous resources of Google Analytics like with Google Analytics you can access your visitor’s profile to understand how did he or she found your website, what all devices they are using, what they liked or didn’t like about your website. Google Analytics is one of the essential tools for marketers as it also shows how regularly the social media sharing is turning into referrals, conversions and traffic for your site.

7.      TweetDeck –

TweetDeck is a best tool for handing twitter accounts. It offers features like customized searches, scheduling tweets, and also alerts to keep you updated about the new happenings. Also, you can track the topics, hashtags, and see the social profiles such as Facebook & Twitter users.

8.      Facebook Insights –

If you are marketing your brand on Facebook then you must be aware about    Facebook Insights. The best use of this tool is you can actually know the behavior of your customers. E.g. you can prepare a schedule based on the day or time for the week and when your page visitors are active.

9.      Rapportive –

Rapportive is basically a tool made for LinkedIn but you can also see the latest Facebook status updates and tweets through this tool. With Rapportive, you can check job title, location and images of your Linkedin connections. The tool helps you to grow your network by finding people with similar careers or interests.

10. Qzzr –

Qzzr is a tool that serves information about your website and gives you an opportunity to get in tough with your audience. It helps to create different quizzes for the social media platforms.

11. Swayy –

Swayy tool suggests you content either an infographic or video and article that you can share with your audience. The tool also has an analytic feature through which you can check which kind of content is receiving good response from the audience. People who wish to have one dashboard must go for Swayy.

12. Easel.ly –

It’s a proven fact that infographics boost the site traffic and credibility. Hence, get the brilliant infographics by Easel.ly and increase your website traffic. What you just need to do is choose one of the available templates and start putting in your data.