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Instagram Brings Real Time Trends, Search By Location And Much More

Instagram Real Time Trends

Instagram has declared that it has added new search functionality to its Android and iOS apps, which will allow users to search photos by location, explore real-time trending search and much more. This all-new Explore page will go through the 70 million videos and photos shared on social network each day to discover trending places, people and tags.

Moreover, the Explore page has another addition of Curated collections. These collections will be displayed right at the top of the Explore page, and updated frequently. Some collections may include things like extreme athletes, ancient ruins, architecture and more.

Currently, only US users will have access to new Explore page, however the company said it will bring these features to other countries once it ‘fine tunes ‘ the experience. Till then they can enjoy the new search functionality. Now, whenever you will tap on the search bar you will see four tabs: tags, places, people and top.

This new ‘Top’ Tab is an efficient way to search across places, hashtags, and people at the same time. By using Places tab users can now search for videos and pictures taken at a particular location, something which was not available before on Instagram.

This new Search and Explore features are currently available on Android’s Google Play Store and iOS App Store in the US.

Instagram Adds Three New Filters & Emoji Hashtags

Last December, when Instagram released five new filters, they received ‘overwhelming excitement’ from the community.  The response was so good and positive that they have come up with three more filters to add in their app. It’s a good sign for Instagrammers as the new filters will be updated more frequently from now on.

Instagram has also introduced emojis, a new way for Instagrammers to express their thoughts. Users can use them in hashtags too.

These new additions can be used to discover new content. Now that emojis can be hashtags, users can search them and find interesting stuff.

Moreover, you will be able to build custom emoji hashtags targeting events. They might be difficult to type; however, it would be a new way to join some unique flavor to Instagram marketing.

Instagram Updates 5 New Filters, Revamped Design & Real Time Commenting Feature

insta filter

Instagram, the booming photo sharing site has come up with some new, improved features and all new updated design. Just two days back, Instagram updated 5 new filters to Android and iOS, namely Crema, Slumber, Perpetua, Ludwig, Aden. These new filters will add a new look to the app, the capability to customize the filters tray, support to upload slow motion video and real-time commenting.

Instagram stated that these new filters would be supportive for the higher quality images clicked by today’s smartphones, whereas the old filters were developed to improve the fairly low-quality images clicked through old phones. These newly added filters soften and add a delicate color shift to Instagram photos.

Instagram’s newly updated filter tray design icons now showcase a small blurred preview of your photo that will help to easily find the tone and color you are seeking for. You can tap on any preferred filter and see whether it will suit to your full resolution photos.

Another new Instagram update gives you the ability to modify the series of the filters. If you give preference to the same 3 filters over and over again then you can take them in front of the line instead of just having to swipe through the increasing number of filters available.

There are two new features, which have been released by Instagram. The abilities to upload slow motion videos and update the photo comments in real time.

It seems Instagram is experiencing much vigorous conversations around the photos and is trying to decrease the barrier in making those happen in real time in spite of just waiting and then pulling it down to refresh.

Instagram Gives Freedom To Edit The Caption & Improves People Search


Yesterday, Instagram came up with an exciting updates and improvements, which will definitely make a lot of enthusiastic Instagramers happy!

Earlier, after publishing a photo, you were not able to edit the caption unless and until you won’t delete the photo and republish it. However, in this new update Instagram will be offering you the ‘Edit’ option below the posts, which you can use to correct or change the caption.

With this new update, it will be extremely easier for you to find new accounts and business to follow. Now, when you will click on the ‘Explore’ section, you will see two tabs to select from – a People tab & a Photos tab. The ‘People tab’ will show Instagram accounts, which you might find interesting. It’ll work with ‘Photos tab’ in similar manner. This Instagram update is available on Android & iOS from today.

4 Instagram Tools To Boost Up Your Account

4 Best Instagram Tools

With slow yet steady speed, Instagram has become one of the most engaging, powerful and rapidly growing social media. Not just Facebook & Twitter, but nowadays people try hard to keep updated their Instagram account too. Being a social media marketer, you must be exploring the marketing shade of Instagram and various other IG related topics, right! However, have you done research on Instagram tools? There are various Instagram tools available in the online world, which you can use to make your Instagram marketing campaign much effective.  Also, with the help of some carefully selected Instagram tools, you can actually turn your lazy ‘brand-awareness Instragramming’ into active campaign.

Below, we have listed few useful Instagram tools, which are worth checking out –

Latergramme –

With Latergramme, you get the facility to publish and schedule Instagram posts from a mobile device or desktop. However, this facility is free for some extent only, later on you would need to pay some amount to value out of this tool. Still it is worth considering, as it allows to add more accounts and account managers, which is a beneficial aspect especially for agencies.

Hootsuite –

You must be aware about the Hootsuite, isn’t it? Majority of people use Hootsuite for scheduling posts on Twitter and Facebook, however, do you know you can use it to examine your hashtags and keywords on Instagram too! Yes, you can try this out. Still, Hootsuite doesn’t offer the feature of scheduling and publishing the Instagram post.

Regram –

Regram is an essential Instagram tool that every brand with a loyal follower base should have. With the help of Regram, you can immediately repost the Instagram content, initially shared by someone else. This gives an awesome opportunity to brands to re-share the content posted by their fans.

Iconosquare –

Iconosquare is another ‘must have’ tool for any social marketers or businesses, which are looking at Instagram as a serious marketing platform. The statistics speak the same as majority of top brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Gap use Iconosquare. With the help of Iconosquare, you can check the statistical growth of brand, response and much more. Moreover, Iconosquare also offers an option to build promotional contests.

How To Fetch Business Through Visuals On Instagram?

Instagram For Business

Do you have Instagram account? You must be! In a very short span of time, Instagram has become one of the popular social media sites that hold approximately more than 200 million active monthly users, who post over 60 million photos in a day.

However, in today’s time being a social media site and helping people to connect is not enough, if you wish to be on the top then you need to have some business value to attract people and business precisely. Hence, Instagram is not just a photo-sharing site but it can generate a business and good amount of audience for brands by using its network power.

So, today let’s take a short walk towards Instagram and find out how the visual content can increase the brand value of your business.


Showcase The Product & Get It Sold –

You know you can actually use Instagram as your online shop and showcase the range of products? Yes, it is an ideal place to put your products on display and encourage people to buy it. It is an ultimate opportunity for your brand to show off the amazing and beautiful products & grab the people’s attention. As in the end, the visual things attract our brain 60,000 times faster than anything else.

Soon, if you are going to launch any product of your company then don’t forget to share the glimpse of the product with your Instagram followers. Here, you can share the product images with short link of your website, where people can find details of the product and buy it. Also, along with images you can share discount codes, which are good to increase the reach and purchase. When initiating campaigns, use UGC to start product suggestions for making purchase. It’s a prevalent behavior of consumers that they are more likely to buy what their friends are recommending to them. Hence, it can prove beneficial for you.


Website Way Through Images –

Are you looking at Instagram with an objective to raise your e-commerce sales, business leads, or build audience? If yes, then Instagram will surely fulfill your objective by driving traffic towards your website. The most amazing way to get traffic on your website is ‘Triggered Responses’. Example, earlier L’Oreal’s Shu Uemera had used this feature to pull their hash-tagged content owners straight way to their site to participate in contest. They associated each participant with the product listed on their site and made it easy for people to buy the products their dear once love and suggest.


Make Conversions –

Running a contest or a campaign on Instagram, undoubtedly brings a good number of followers and user engagement. But, the numbers cannot get counted until and unless they don’t turn into conversions, as conversions are the ultimate and solid metrics. Here, again you can make a brilliant use of triggered responses and turn your Instagram participants into customers.

Set up an automatic, custom response for each campaign entry. Add a link of terms of conditions of your campaign to it and a sign up form as Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks in comments section, hence, users will have to either copy paste the link or manually type the link in a browser. Create short and memorable links.

With the use of sign up form, marketers can actually switch their Instagram followers in email subscribers, share the news of special discounts, exclusive offers and turn an impressive number of participants in customers. You can measure this conversion tracking result simply by web analytics and measure the impact of campaign.