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Instagram Updates 5 New Filters, Revamped Design & Real Time Commenting Feature

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Instagram, the booming photo sharing site has come up with some new, improved features and all new updated design. Just two days back, Instagram updated 5 new filters to Android and iOS, namely Crema, Slumber, Perpetua, Ludwig, Aden. These new filters will add a new look to the app, the capability to customize the filters tray, support to upload slow motion video and real-time commenting.

Instagram stated that these new filters would be supportive for the higher quality images clicked by today’s smartphones, whereas the old filters were developed to improve the fairly low-quality images clicked through old phones. These newly added filters soften and add a delicate color shift to Instagram photos.

Instagram’s newly updated filter tray design icons now showcase a small blurred preview of your photo that will help to easily find the tone and color you are seeking for. You can tap on any preferred filter and see whether it will suit to your full resolution photos.

Another new Instagram update gives you the ability to modify the series of the filters. If you give preference to the same 3 filters over and over again then you can take them in front of the line instead of just having to swipe through the increasing number of filters available.

There are two new features, which have been released by Instagram. The abilities to upload slow motion videos and update the photo comments in real time.

It seems Instagram is experiencing much vigorous conversations around the photos and is trying to decrease the barrier in making those happen in real time in spite of just waiting and then pulling it down to refresh.