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Google Buy Button And Many More Upcoming Mobile Enhancements


Since a long time, talks were going on about the Google buy button and finally it has been introduced by the search giant Google at its Retail Leadership Summit in New York.  The Google Buy Button will allow consumers to make buy directly from Google, which will contain the retailer-branded pages, things such as marketing, fulfillment, returns and these pages will be managed by the individual merchants. This new addition will be available from next month. With a buy button feature, Google desires to make life easier for mobile shoppers.

President of product management for Google Shopping, Jon Alferness says, I just forget wherever I am, when I am shopping on my mobile phone; it becomes ubiquitous against the real outside life.

Moreover, he adds that over the last year, there has been a 115% rise in shopping searches. To stay in touch with the growing mobile world, Google will be releasing other features in the coming future, such as –

The usage of Mobile Voice Search has been doubled as compared to last year. Searchers looking for a particular product will see Google Now Cards along with product reviews or attributes gathered from all around the internet. Google Now Price Drop Cards aware users about the significant fluctuation of prices!

The location has become an essential part of people’s online shopping, specifically with mobile; Google Now In-Store Cards will give information about particular locations, with listed inventory feeds incorporated into the search. In case you are located near a Home Depot and pull up Google Now, the In-Store Card will display you the information of that exact store location: closing hours, loyalty programs, and sales. Alferness adds that this feature is Google hosted but locally branded.

Currently Google is working with retailers – early testers like Flipkart and eBay – to deep link to their apps in shopping ads, pulling consumers to their apps in spite of their websites.

Head of Global mobile sales and strategy at Google, Jason Spero said, 93% of shopping takes place offline, still mobile plays an important role. Last year, Deloitte expected that mobile devices influenced 28% or $1 trillion worth of in-store purchases. For instance, Local Inventory Ads encouraged Sears’ in-store visits by 122%, while 1/3 of search ad clicks impacted in a visit to Target during vacation time last year.

He adds that, shopping doesn’t start when you enter in the store; however the experience of shopping at Target starts early on a mobile device when you actually start searching for the store.