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The New Quality Algorithms – Panda And Penguin


You might find it hard to believe but Penguin & Panda are not penalties, rather they are algorithms. Google is very adamant that we should not call these algorithmic changes as penalties. Penguin or Panda are something that is either on or off. It is something where we find the signals that we have and we endeavor to find the correct way to adjust for that.

What Is A Google Penalty?

It’s true that Google penalties do exist. Google can actually penalize a website for things like outbound unnatural links, inbound unnatural links, pure spam, thin content and more. The most common reason for a website to be manually penalized is because somebody has reported the website to Google. Majority of people also believe that Google manually analyzes the top websites in various competitive search results also; however we are not sure about it.

In case your website has a manual penalty, you will get to see this in your Google Search Console, earlier called as ‘Webmaster Tools’. To check if your website has a manual penalty, go to Search Traffic – Manual Actions. You might see a penalty like this –


And, if you haven’t received penalty, you will see this –


Note – You will not always get to see the proof of penalty in the ‘messages’ section of Google Search Console. It will happen, only you were added to Google Search Console for this website before the website was penalized, then you must see a message, which appears like this –


What is an Algorithmic Filter?

Google’s algorithm is truly a complex topic to discuss. There are various parts of the algorithms, which are continually evaluating websites and changing their ranking depending on what they are seeing. For example, Google’s keyword stuffing algorithm re-evaluates your website every time, whenever Google crawls it. There are several more parts of the algorithm, which are called as filters. Filters are alterations, which happen only when Google decides to apply them. Panda and Penguin are filters. If you website is evaluated as a low quality website then Google will change the algorithms to take down your website ranking. If your website is loaded with a lot of issues then it can be affected rigorously. If it has very few issues then you may experience a least deduction.

Shall we call Penguin & Panda Penalties?

Go to Google search for ‘Penguin Penalty’ or ‘Panda Penalty’ and you will get to see some brilliant, renowned SEO professionals using this terminology. However, if you are someone who really knows Google’s algorithms, it is probably best to refer Penguin and Panda as algorithmic filters and not penalties.

Try Out The Power Of Custom Audience & Social Advertising & Get Recovered From Penguin Panda Update

Google Penguine & Panda Update

Are you one of those SMEs, who have survived through the algorithm update? If yes, then if you are trying hard to get back the lost traffic, sales and leads then you should start publishing top-notch content with the help of social media and do strong email marketing to get in front of your customer base. Start pretending as if you are not impacted by algorithm update and initiate a great SEO strategy, which will help you to recover quickly. Panda filter cannot take away the content from you; it can only stop Google users from getting the content in the short term. Hence, generate content targeting a particular audience and spread it across the social networks and email.

Constant social sharing, mentions, links and Google search for your content can definitely support you SEO-wise. Once you will come out of Penguin, Panda and other algorithm hits, your fresh content will start ranking well.

Custom Website Audience –

Custom website audiences allow you to target the users who are connected with your business some or other way. For example, you can run social advertising campaigns, which target users who have already visited your website, particular pieces of content or have done some action on your website. Since, it shows that they have shown some interest in your content or company that means you are reaching out to the exact target audience.

Custom Audience For Panda

Let’s assume because of Panda hit you have lost 40% of Google organic traffic and you are facing a hard time in getting your newly published content noticed. Then, go for custom website audiences, yon can install tracking pixels for each and every social network connected to your site. Next, you can create a list of particular audiences based on the kind of content they consume. You can also target the visits received on service pages, or target visitors who have completed some kind of conversion action. In all, you will be building custom audiences based over how your users interact with your website and business.

Social Media To Help SEO –

When you have been hit by an algorithm update, you should either start getting out of it or wait for traffic to come back. By using social advertising smartly you can surely drive back the users towards your content who have already shown their interest in your content and company. Gradually, it can lead to more traffic, social sharing, brand searches, links and more. Social media and SEO can work together and show a great impact on website ranking.