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Google Mobile Tools To Use For SEO Strategy

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For the past few years, websites have started receiving tremendous number of organic visitors through mobile devices, which signify that SME should definitely consider mobile as an indispensable part of their overall SEO strategy. Still, if you are uncertain about the mobile traffic generation then check your ‘by device category’ breakout in Google Analytics and learn how often your website is received by the mobile device from your visitors.

In the past couple of years, we have observed several Google Analytics accounts and came to the conclusion that between 15 – 40 %of organic traffic is either coming through the tablet or mobile devices. From the user point of view, we need to understand that mobile offers a completely different experience to the end users.  Now, the point of discussion is, how much Google has been paying attention to the mobile SEO and its usability. If Google is providing a segmented data or tool for users that means mobile SEO holds some weightage in website traffic and ranking.


Tools Provided By Google For Mobile SEO –


Google Page Speed Insights

Google considers mobile while giving page-loading insights for the rendering of desktop content. These insights include the collection of JavaScript and CSS, leveraging browser caching, compressing site images and much more. To go beyond SEO needs and solve user experience issues, Google has added some new aspects to these sections in May 2014.


Google Mobile Friendly Test

This handy tool asks for some of the insights of site, pairing usability, mobile SEO and then Google takes initiative and to start correcting errors. Regardless of who has developed the website, you can still find the Mobile-Friendly test in the Google Mobile Guide, where it also provides a Mobile SEO guide.


Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability

While exploring various tools offered by Google to understand what exactly mobile SEO is and its usability, we must realize that these tools may cause some evident issues, however, are these issues causing a problem across the site?


Does it really making a difference?

Making a site mobile-friendly helps to improve the user experience, ability to rank and display mobile-friendly tags. Google wants users to format the website content in Schema format so that Google can understand the pages in a better way, in return grant us rich snippets in search results.