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Google Enhances New Mobile Search By Adding Vine, Pinterest And More To Carousel

Google New Mobile Search Adds Pinterest, Vine

Google introduced an addition to its mobile search results, which will offer a quick access to people to their favorite websites.

The announcement is as follows –

Whether you are seeking for Pinterest pins, Houzz idea books, Vines or Food Network recipes, now you can browse through more content from your preferred websites within Google search results on your mobile device.”

This content will be stored in a carousel that you can go through and tap on to the view option to see whichever links you find interesting.

You will agree or disagree, but this ends up being an advantage to searchers remain to be seen.  This is similar to Google’s answer cards, which give searchers the information they are searching without clicking through the other websites.

Now, in spite of searchers clicking through the results in the organic listings, they might give preference to clicking the results in the new mobile carousel. As of now, Google has not given any indication about how it will decide on which content goes in the carousel. Is there any algorithm set up in a place that is similar to organic search results? Or will Google hand select the content from limited sources?

Google Brings Out New Mobile Search Feature, Relevant Content In Carousels

Google Mobile Search FeatureNext time, when you will do a Google search on your mobile device, you might receive a totally different user experience. The search giant has declared that from now on it is going to start grouping relevant content from one source into carousels, which will be showed under search results snippets.

When you look for a topic a carousel of recently search videos, articles and other content will be
presented to you through browser. Clicking on one of the content pieces will directly take you to it.

Google takes the examples of NPR, The Guardian, Bleacher Report, and ESPN as sites, which are presently using this feature. Still, if you can’t find it while searching for your preferred sites, Google says soon it will be making these carousels available for many more sites.

Right now, it doesn’t seem that this feature is available for searches apart from the US. It is probably being released for the US in English search only.