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3 Tools With Hashtag Monitoring Dashboard

Hashtag Monitoring Tools

Before the existence of online digital world, we never knew that hashtag # a very common symbol would play a major role in the social marketing world in the near future, isn’t it? Now, the hashtag is everywhere, on every social platform and it is fun to use it. Apart from social media, a lot of people are using hashtags for monitoring guest blogging opportunities, spreading brand awareness, mainly through twitter chats, communicating with friends, brainstorming and searching which questions my capable audience is looking to answer and so.

However, the question is, how can we monitor various tools at a time? There must be a lot of people, who are facing the same hitch. So, here are some steps, which you can take to track various hashtags and use them in different ways.

Tweetdeck –

  • Desktop
  • Free
  • Twitter Only
  • Useful for monitoring important hashtag, where you would wish to react quickly

Tweetdeck is the most pro-active monitoring tool because it allows you to multi-task, helps to manage your brand in real time. With tweetdeck, you can keep your brand pages active 24/7.


Hootsuite –

  • Web based + browser plugin
  • Paid
  • Twitter
  • Best for managing one hashtag through various platforms

There are lot of SMEs who are totally depend on Hootsuite for everything, they publish, share or do on social media. With Hootsuite, you can monitor brand across all multiple platforms. Brainstorming can be done with Hootsuite, as you can search Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in one dashboard.

Cyfe –

  • Web-based
  • Freemium
  • Google plus and twitter
  • Ideal for monitoring various hashtags on a regular basis

With Cyfe, you can create multiple dashboards and monitor all updates from one place.  For an example, one dashboard to manage twitter chats, another one to monitor interesting hashtags, one for the content brainstorming hashtag, etc.