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Google Makes It Simpler For Users To Fill Out The Forms Through Mobiles

Chrome Autocomplete Attribute

Recently, Google made an announcement of an improvement of its auto-complete attribute in Chrome, which will eventually make it faster and easier for users to fill out the forms through mobile devices. It is essential to understand that this is not any kind of default feature, which Chrome automatically implements on all websites, it’s on each website owners to make sure that their forms are tagged with the auto-complete attribute.

If you want drive users to fill out the forms, whether to sign up for free or complete the purchase process then it would be beneficial to have the autocomplete attribute in the browser. In fact, Google goes beyond to spread word about it.

“Making websites friendly and easy to browse for users on mobile devices is very important. We hope to see many forms marked up with the “auto-complete” attribute in the future.”

By using auto-complete attribution you can tag input element fields with common data types, like ‘street-address’ or ‘name’, without modifying anything else in the site.

That means when every field is marked up as per the form of data being put it in, Chrome will have an idea about precisely what auto-fill-in when a user clicks on the field on their mobile device. As per Google, utilizing auto-complete attributes to fill out the forms has enhanced the chances of completions for multiple site owners.

For an example, Google has given a sample form to see how the markup code looks like. Check it here – http://goo.gl/7ziaG3

Google Brings Out New Mobile Search Feature, Relevant Content In Carousels

Google Mobile Search FeatureNext time, when you will do a Google search on your mobile device, you might receive a totally different user experience. The search giant has declared that from now on it is going to start grouping relevant content from one source into carousels, which will be showed under search results snippets.

When you look for a topic a carousel of recently search videos, articles and other content will be
presented to you through browser. Clicking on one of the content pieces will directly take you to it.

Google takes the examples of NPR, The Guardian, Bleacher Report, and ESPN as sites, which are presently using this feature. Still, if you can’t find it while searching for your preferred sites, Google says soon it will be making these carousels available for many more sites.

Right now, it doesn’t seem that this feature is available for searches apart from the US. It is probably being released for the US in English search only.


Google Features “Right To Be Forgotten” Notification

Google Right To Be Forgotten

The European Court of Justice announced in late May that, Google should take out the results considered to be ‘outdated’ and ‘irrelevant’. In order to follow the rule, Google has created a form that gives an opportunity to people to complain against particular results. To avoid fake complaints intended to influence the search results, the form needs users to provide documentation authenticating their identity.

When irrelevant results get removed from search, Google delivers a message to the respected Webmaster through Webmaster tools. The actual notification Google sent about removing the content from the European index was bare. The notification just had a URL that has been taken out and shared the referenced URL, however did not have detailed information. The notification was connected to an FAQ page, although there was not in depth information about results have been removed from the search.

The lack of context and tone could have been a bit frightening if you were not aware of why Google has sent you this message. However, don’t worry now Google has started sending updated messages, which contain clear message and even indicates a method to argue over why results have been taken out.

If you see this kind of email in your inbox then you should not be worried about any kind of huge impact on your website, as Google is doing this just to follow the rule issued by European law. If Google has removed any of your website content then you can argue against case then just click on the form connected to the notification and fill it.

Following the same, you can either showcase you have taken out the sensitive content of the site or show the URL has genuine information that public wants to know. Google has confirmed repeatedly that they won’t remove the links, which provide information in the public interest.

Google AdWords Coming With New Feature ‘Local Number Call Forwarding’ In Next Month

Google Local Number Call Forwarding

Google has come up with new gradation, no it’s not about search engine algorithm, but this time its Google AdWords support section, receiving a new entry of local number call forwarding feature. This new feature of AdWords expected to arrive in early November 2014.

This newest feature will give you the freedom to use the local number for call extensions by using Google forwarding numbers.  Shortly, you will also be able to display a local Google forwarding number on your Google ads by using the same area code or an area code for the same location.  The feature of showcasing the local numbers in the search ads would definitely benefit the local business, since people like to call a number with an area code they recognize.

How To Set Up Local Number Call Forwarding?

There is no need of doing any changes to take advantage of this new Google AdWords feature. However, Google recommends you to update your call extension phone numbers as per your business goals.

Step by step process of setting up an existing call extension  –

  • Click on ‘Ad Extensions’ tab appearing in AdWords.
  • From the view drop down, select ‘Call Extensions’
  • See the call extension you want to edit and click on the pencil icon appearing next to the extension.
  • The call number will be mentioned below ‘Selected Phone Numbers.” Click on the pencil icon coming next to the extension to open ‘Edit phone number’ window.
  • Put your new phone number. Google will try to offer a toll-free or local forwarding number to match up with number you update.
  • Now click on ‘Save’ option.

While updating the call extension phone numbers, you will find two options –

Toll Free Numbers –

With this option you can forward the calls to a toll-free number you own just by putting that number in the phone number section. Google will create and showcase the toll-free Google forwarding number for call extensions.

Local Numbers –

Here, you can select the forward calls to the local number by putting a local number in the phone number section. Then Google will create a forwarding number for your call extensions. The Google generated local numbers will share the similar area code of your business. In some cases, where the area code is not available, your geographic location will be showcased.