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Google Makes It Simpler For Users To Fill Out The Forms Through Mobiles

Chrome Autocomplete Attribute

Recently, Google made an announcement of an improvement of its auto-complete attribute in Chrome, which will eventually make it faster and easier for users to fill out the forms through mobile devices. It is essential to understand that this is not any kind of default feature, which Chrome automatically implements on all websites, it’s on each website owners to make sure that their forms are tagged with the auto-complete attribute.

If you want drive users to fill out the forms, whether to sign up for free or complete the purchase process then it would be beneficial to have the autocomplete attribute in the browser. In fact, Google goes beyond to spread word about it.

“Making websites friendly and easy to browse for users on mobile devices is very important. We hope to see many forms marked up with the “auto-complete” attribute in the future.”

By using auto-complete attribution you can tag input element fields with common data types, like ‘street-address’ or ‘name’, without modifying anything else in the site.

That means when every field is marked up as per the form of data being put it in, Chrome will have an idea about precisely what auto-fill-in when a user clicks on the field on their mobile device. As per Google, utilizing auto-complete attributes to fill out the forms has enhanced the chances of completions for multiple site owners.

For an example, Google has given a sample form to see how the markup code looks like. Check it here – http://goo.gl/7ziaG3