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Google I/O Unveiled Android M With Some Amazing Features

Google I/O 2015

Google has finally unveiled Android M, the latest Android version in its yesterday’s annual Google I/O developer conference. Today the pre-release version of Android M will be introduced for developers and by the end of this year the full version will release. As per Sundar Pichai, this new version will majorly focus on developing the usability and stability of the platform. There will be a lot of importance to the quality of platform other than a new look.

The previews will be available only on Google Nexus 5, 9, 6 and Nexus Player.

While talking at Google I/O, Google’s vice president of engineering David Burke said, Google is preparing to assimilate a lot of features that they have seen device makers add on to Android. He suggested, with Android M they are concentrating on other six major areas.

App Permissions –

The App permissions have got an impressive add on, where Google has decided to let people decide which kind of permissions they want to revoke or allow, based on when those certain functions are used. Unlike, the existing implementations, where users have to agree to all the app permissions while installing it first time. In Android M, users will receive notifications probing for permissions only when they are utilizing a specific feature in an app.

Android Pay –

Android Pay, a new feature got introduced in yesterday’s event allows you to make the payments using near-field communication and host card emulation method for tap-to-pay services. To use this feature, you just have to unlock your phone, keep it close to an NFC terminal and the payment is done, without initiating any app. Google states, when you put your card details, a virtual account number gets created to make the payments. Don’t worry; your actual card number won’t be shared with the store while doing a transaction.

App Linking –

Currently, Android is supporting the app linking system, called as Intents that gives you the option to open a specific web link in a web browser or an app. Earlier, if you wanted to open a link, after clicking on it, you got a quick pop-up box asking whether you want to open it in your browser or in the Twitter app that is already installed on your phone. In the backend, Android M will confirm the link with the app’s server and post-authentication it will move to open the link in the app itself without questioning you where you wish to open the link.

Fingerprint Support –

Android M will regulate the fingerprint sensor support and it is working with different phones to make a standard API to function with their sensors. You can use the Fingerprint support to unlock your smart device, Android Pay transaction or do Play Store purchases.

Power Management –

Android M is going to have a smart power-managing feature called as ‘Doze’. This feature allows the system optimally manage the background processes. The operating system keeps a track on the motion detection sensor and in case there is no activity for a much time, the system stops some processes. As per Google, Power Management has supported to improve the standby-time on the Nexus 9 by almost 2 times over the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Google’s new Android M will also support to USB Type-C for charging. Moreover, considering USB Type-C has a bi-directional port, you can utilize this port to either charge up your phone as well as another device.