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How To Get Rid Of Common Issues Of Google Analytics?


Are you an avid user of Google Analytics and depending on Google Analytics to get the majority of your website stats or you look at it as your private vehicle then make sure it’s accurate. Not reporting properly or not having enough data to pull is like buildings up a house on shaky ground, which doesn’t end well. Google Analytics is your private vehicle for analysis; just make sure it’s correct.

For some of the reasons, a lot of people including clients, think Google Analytics track everything properly because its Google product. However, actually it’s not Google who manages your analytics.

In day to day life, while dealing with Google Analytics, people encounter with some common issues, which turn up into headaches. However, you can come over these issues by following below remedy.

Self –Referral –

This might be one of those areas to which are all familiar with. If you are receiving a lot of traffic from your own domain that means there is a problem or you have to expand the default session length in Google Analytics. The diagnosis of this problem includes an advanced filter to display the full referrer string. You can do this by developing a filter, like below:

Filter Type: Custom filter > Advanced

Field A: Hostname

Extract A: (.*)

Field B: Request URI

Extract B: (.*)

Output To: Request URI

Constructor: $A1$B1


 Strangely low bounce rate –

In case your website has a strange bounce rate, it can be too good to be true. Unluckily, a strange low bounce rate could mean that at least a few pages of your website have the similar Google Analytics tracking code fixed twice. Check your source code or use Google Tag Assistant to see whether you have got GA tracking code fixed twice.

Cross-Domain Tracking –

We wish cross-domain tracking with Google Analytics out of the box did not require any extra setup. But it does. If you do not have it, set up correctly or it can be difficult to untangle. The old GA library is difficult to use. In spite of that, Google Tag Manager is easy with Universal Analytics.

Massive Traffic Jumps –

Usually Massive Traffic Jumps don’t just happen. There is always a reason – a launch of new campaign, you have just started paid ads for the first time, usage of content amplification platform.  In the majority of cases it happens when the tracking code is somewhere it should not be, so if you are analyzing the situation, first make sure the Google Analytics code is just in the places, where it has to be. Tools like Screaming Frog and Google Tag Assistant can help you with the same.