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Google AdWords To Frequently Update Specific Data Sets

Google AdWords Update Data

Jon Diorio, the AdWords Product Manager declared on Google+ that some specific sets of data are receiving more frequent updates. Especially, geographic performance, search terms, and automatic placement stats, which are going to be updated after every 6 hours. Whereas, the majority sets of data like conversions, clicks, and impressions are updated within 3 hours time, other data were updated only once in a day.

Geographic performance, automatic placement stats and search terms used to be the part of data sets, where marketers would have to wait to check the results. Now, you can have the access of this data in as short as 6 hours of introducing a campaign with updates to be done in 6 hours thereafter.

This update is certainly an improvement, however, there are still some sets of data, which will be updated once in a day. It includes auction, impression share, and top movers.

As long as conversion data of Google Analytics, there is no change. Goals from Analytics are introduced daily and probably take 24-72 hours to be reflected in conversion stats.


Know How Your Competitors Are Battling On Google’s Product Listing Ads Field!

Google Product Listing Ads

There is a huge battle going on between online stores on Google’s battleground and not a single online store is spared from it. The prices are going high and as a result the conversions, clicks and competition is getting vicious.

If you are one of those competitors battling against a lot of shopping campaigns and e-commerce stores present there on the battleground then it’s time to fight back. Check what all tricks your competitors are using to stay ahead in the competition and then prepare accordingly!

Displaying Google Product Listings –
One of the main reasons, which encourage the customers to make the buying decision, largely depends upon other customer review. It has been proved in study conducted in 2007 suggests that online buyers give much importance to customer ratings, while purchasing product.

All your competitors showcase Google product ratings, which help them to stand out and also have authenticity.

Low Price, Great Demand –

Online dealers compete mainly on price. While buying online and offline, the price is considerably the major aspect that motivates buyers to make a final buying decision. Buyers always look for convenience and trusted brand but at the same time they give equal importance to price. In this booming online shopping world, buyers are hunting around to find a good deal. So, if your competitors are offering products at lower prices that mean their ads are drawing a larger interest from potential buyers.

Attract Audience With Quality Images –

People prefer not to buy unseen products. They want to see and feel the product before purchasing, even though it’s impossible virtually, in the online market, however, we can compensate it by showing high quality images of products. Buyers can see the color, pattern, design, structure etc of the products in detail.

Dominating SERPs with both PLAs and Adwords –

Apparently, your competitors are probably using PLAs in combination with Adwords. As per the recent study, top brands are using both PLAs ads and PPC to prop up the products and beating out the brands, which are just focusing on PLAs alone.