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Google Develops AdMob Tools & Adds Mediation Partners

Google AdMob Tools

Google has released a set of tools at its annual I/O conference for its mobile ad network called AdMob. The updates allow mobile app developers to hide ad from some specific users and offer targeted ads in much major ad networks.

The company has included a new feature in beta to the Audience Builder tool that allows developers to make ads invisible from highly engaged app users. This new Audience Builder tool is powered by Google Analytics, which helps developers to categorize users based on how they make optimum use of a mobile app. For instance, they can make a list of inactive users, and show the ads to the re-engaged users who used to be inactive, while they are using other apps across the Web.

Now with the help of Audience Builder, developers can show the ads to inactive users as well as they can hide ads from a specific group of users. For instance, if they want to give ad-free experience to their loyal users who have already spent a lot of money on in-app purchases then they can make a VIP list through Audience Builder to make sure this group doesn’t get to see ads and stay engaged with their app.

In the meantime, Google has improved AdMob’s mediation tool that allows developers to use other mobile ad networks through the platform. Last year, the company had fifteen major ad networks to AdMob and now it supports 40 mediation partners, including Twitter, Millennial Media, Facebook, Tencent, one of biggest mobile ad networks in China.

Google’s VP Of Display Advertising Wishes To Have Single Standard Viewability

Google ad viewability

What is considered as an ad view? Is it the time when an ad is technically served or when the ad is actually getting noticed by a human visitor? Nobody can surely answer to this query because there is no clear standard in the display advertising industry for what counts as ‘viewability’ and it’s a major problem, which has to be solved, according to Google’s VP of Display and Video Advertising Products Neal Mohan.

A ‘viewable ad’ is an ad which has been appeared on a screen for a visitor to see, defines the MRC standard definition of viewability.

This sort of viewability must be accepted as a currency by the display advertising industry, says Mohan, showing statistics as a proof of the business impact to purchasing based on viewable impressions.

In tests led this month, advertisers observed the following improvements while measuring ads using Google’s Active View Technology:

“The conversion rates of the viewable ads upgraded by as much as 50%. These viewable ads with extremely less 50% in view for a least of one second, drove a brand life by 10.3%, whereas non-viewable ads did not contribute to boost at all.”

According to Mohan, industry must take following major steps to improve business–

Concentrate on measuring viewable impressions – Mohan suggests that the industry must adopt 100% viewability that means buying and selling just viewable impressions.

Resolve inconsistencies in measurement – Assimilate measurement technology directly in the ad serving along with viewability data being added amongst other campaign metrics.

For viewability adopt a single standard – Mohan says adopt the MRC standard definition of viewability to grow forward.

Mohan states viewability is still at the initial stage, with things such as viewability on mobile still to be deliberated, as smartphone browsing becomes much common. But, putting a standard for viewability is a first action towards being capable to handle any of the greater problems.