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Facebook Adds Up ‘Videos’ Tab To Page

Facebook adds video tab

Yesterday, Facebook launched a new addition that helps page owners to measure the performance of their videos across the custom date ranges. Earlier, page admins were just able to track the video metrics on a video-by-video basis.  Now, there is a new ‘Videos’ tab available in Page Insights, which will allow admins to see the overall performance of all the videos published on any date range of their choice.

With this new videos tab, admins can measure views vs. 30-seconds views, also toggle between Paid vs. Organic, Unique vs. Repeat, and Clicked-to-Play vs. Auto-Played.

By stalking these metrics for over a particular time period, admins can precisely determine how their audiences check their page’s video daily. Another significant metric highlighted in this video tab is, top videos published with a particular date range that is measured based on videos, average completion and reach.

With access of this information, page owners can see what type of videos are attracting people’s attention, what form of videos are capturing people’s attention, and what sort of videos their audience don’t like to click.

Moreover, page owners can also see metrics for videos shared by other pages. This can be a good way to observe audience’s viewing behavior using other page’s videos. This information can be utilized as a guide to know what kind of videos can be created in the future based on to what people are responding.  According to Facebook, all the above features will be available universally by next few weeks.

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm With Time Spent Reading Stories

Facebook Updated News Feed Algorithm

Facebook has declared that it has included a new ranking element in its News Feed algorithm. From now on along with likes, shares and comments, Facebook will also consider the time people spend with a particular content. After studying the user feedback, Facebook has found that content can still be worthy even if people haven’t taken the time to share, like or comment on a story.

This new algorithm update will not just consider the total amount of minutes you spend while reading that particular content, however, rather total time spent in comparison to the time you generally spend on any other type of content.  For instance, if you spent 15 minutes on a story you found in a news feed, when usually you spend only 5 minutes.

According to Facebook, Page owners should not expect to receive drastic changes in reach as an impact of this update. This new algorithm signal has started rolling out.

Facebook is Testing A New Threat For Google, An In-App Search Engine

Facebook In-App Search Engine

Facebook is trying and testing its own in-app search engine that is now live for a selected users test groups. This search engine is proficient for crawling the web and recovering content for Facebook users with the necessity of them to visit Google. This interesting feature will be an extension to Facebook’s status updates.  While doing a status update the option to ‘include a link’ will be displayed next to the existing options of putting a photo or a location.

After clicking on “add a link” you will be able to find content by keywords or see it in the Facebook app. When you have got a piece of content you wish to share you can immediately include the link to your status.

Facebook’s in-app search engine functions by crawling throughout one trillion indexed posts, which users have posted on the network. While looking for content, Facebook will show the results based on most shared links.  Facebook’s search engine has the capacity to drive traffic from Google, because presently users are exploring third party search engine to get content, or land directly on the website itself to catch the link.

Facebook has completely removed the need for users to venture elsewhere to search content that could make a dent in Google’s US search queries over the time.

A spokesperson from Facebook has assured that this search engine is in the process, however, did not give any further information. Also, this feature is live now only for selective US users, and there is no mention about when it will be released out to a larger audience.

Facebook Launches New App To Create Videos With Friends

Facebook Riff App

Facebook has launched its new product called ‘Riff’’ a product turned from an after-hours side project. The product allows you to make and collaborate on videos with your Facebook friends. Just create a video, add a hashtag and upload it. From there your friends can see it, do the additions if they want, and share it to their friends.

This product can be used as a medium for people to share their views or opinions on the ongoing topics through short video slides connected via common hashtag or people can share their unique views over large events such as CES.

The idea behind the creation of Riff is to keep the chain going so that in the end a simple video clip will become a collaborative project created by a group of friends.

 “The potential pool of creative collaborators can grow exponentially from there, so a short video can become an inventive project between circles of friends that you can share to Facebook, or anywhere on the internet, at any time.”

Riff is currently available on both iOS and Android in their respective store.

Facebook Upgrades Messenger Allows Support For Third Party App

Facebook Messenger Supports Third Party App

After making announcement in the F8 developer conference about Messenger, it is all set to receive third party app integration, the leading social network platform Facebook has taken out an update to its free iOS app supporting the feature.

Optimized for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the recently updated Facebook Messenger allows users to actually ‘use other apps’ to express themselves in new fun ways. Giphy is one of the first iOS applications to receive Messenger integration that allows users to simply send GIFs to one another. Ultratext, Bitmoji, Pic Stitch and ClipDis are also integrated in the updated app.

It’s extremely simple to install third party apps in Facebook Messenger. As a user, you just need to touch a button through which you will be able to access the application’s functionality in their chat interface. You can go through the list of 3rd party apps, which are already supported by Facebook Messenger.

In the release notes of app, Facebook advertises Messenger’s new features, stating that iOS device owners can utilize the app to:

  • Receive and send videos, GIFs, photos and more
  • Quickly reply to the same app
  • Take a look of GIFs automatically
  • Easily get the apps your friends are using
  • Find new apps to install right from Messenger

Certainly, this is more than just a few GIFs. Facebook is enforcing a lot to monetize its Messenger service that has a user base of more than 600 million people. This newly launched platform allows business to incorporate with Messenger, turning the application in an efficient source of income for Facebook.

This upgraded Facebook Messenger is free to download on the App Store and it is optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Facebook Releases New Money Transfer Feature For Users

Facebook Money Transfer Feature

Facebook has just revealed one major enhancement to its Messenger service, which will allow users to securely and easily transfer money to each other. This newly announced feature is free and it will be available to US users in the upcoming months.

With this feature, sending money would become as easy as sending a photo. Just start a conversation with a friend, click on the $ icon and enter the amount you wish to send, then click Pay and put your debit card info to transfer the money.

To receive money, which has been sent to you, open the messaged sent from your friends and click on Add Card then put your debit card info to receive the money. At the time of first payment, only you have to put your debit card info. The money gets transferred immediately; however, your bank might take one or three business days to make money accessible.

It seems that this could have a prominent impact on how transactions are being done between online connections and personal friends.

Facebook makes sure that payments done through the social network are kept in a safe environment, distinct from other segments of the Facebook network.

Users can make the payments with a Master or Visa debit card allotted by a US bank. If you are iOS user, payments can be done with Touch ID with the option to keep two-step authentication if required. It will be available for US users on iOS, Android and desktop.


Facebook Launches Topic Data For Page Owners To Know What Their Audiences Are Discussing About

Facebook Topic Data

As marketers, a good amount of data is always required for efficient marketing. The more data we have, the more effective targeting our messaging can be. Being aware of what your audience is saying, about the subjects related to your business is a valuable source of consumer insight.

Today, Facebook declared that the company is allowing Page owners to access the topic data, that describes marketers what their audiences are discussing on Facebook about brands, activities, subjects and events.

On Facebook , all the personal information is secured, the information offered is meant to serve marketers the data they have to make better decisions, it is not to intrude anyone’s privacy.

With the access of topic data, businesses will be able to have an insight in their thought process on Facebook and attain their feedback on diverse aspects and accordingly point out marketing strategy.

Earlier, this kind of data was accessible through third party tools, however, according to Facebook, the sample sizes were too small to be prominent and using those tools for deciding demographics was ‘almost impossible’.

Before you start imagining what all things you can do with this data, it is essential to point out that topic data can’t be utilized to directly target the ads, however, it can be focused on gain more insights about how to target the ads.

In relation to make the topic data a reality, Facebook has joined hands with DataSift, a reliable leader of the data industry. Facebook is using DataSift’s technology to support the platforms that shift the data into insights.

Presently, topic data will be available only for selective DataSift partners in the UK & US. Facebook is planning to enhance the availability of the topic data in the coming days, after studying how it gets utilized by marketers.

Facebook Alerts Page Owners About The Upcoming Fall In Page Likes

Facebook Page Likes Drop

Today, Facebook initiated an alert to page owners about an upcoming change, which is going to show a drop in Page likes. This leading social platform is changing the way likes are considered in order to serve more accurate data.

Don’t worry, your audience is not going to suddenly dislike you. The reason behind making the change is because Facebook will no longer be calculating Page likes from memorialised and deactivated accounts.

As an effect of this change, like counts will always be up-to-date and consistent. If a deactivated account is re-activated, the like count will be regulated accordingly. Facebook’s purpose behind this is two fold – greater consistency and improved business results. Facebook says “everyone benefits from meaningful information on Facebook. It’s our hope that this update makes Pages even more valuable for business.”

This is actually a good remark because it means no more inflated numbers. Pages which will get more hits are those who spend for likes or attempt to artificially enhance their number of likes through some other way. Whereas, pages which have enhanced their audience in an organic way probably won’t experience as much of a drop. As of now, the exact date when this change will be implemented was not mentioned, however, chances are the social media platform will be talking about it when it happens.

Facebook To Guide You About Places With Location-Based Tips

Facebook Location Based Place Tips

Yesterday, Facebook launched a brand new feature exclusively for iPhone app, which would help people to learn much about the attractions and places they are planning to visit. Taking a page from Foursquare and Yelp, Facebook’s place tips will present you interesting facts about the location you are at. Unlike Foursquare and Yelp, you need not check-in at these places and just to show it to your Facebook friends.

When you are out or about to, place tips might pop up on the top of your news feed. Tapping on it will direct you to a series of cards with information about your location, along with photos of your friends who have been there earlier.

Along with place tips, it will also have things like posts published by the location’s Facebook page, upcoming event and most popular menu items. Your location will be tracked by using a mix of cellular networks, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Facebook is also examining special Bluetooth beacons in selected New York business. In the upcoming weeks, NY people will be able to try out place tips in the locations like Times Square, Brooklyn, Central Park, JFK Airport and the Statue of Liberty.

Facebook Teaming Up With WC Browser For Instant Push Notifications

Facebook UC Browser

UCWeb has come together with Facebook in India to allow instant push notifications from a social platform to the browser.  From now on users can check the real-time notifications they have received on their Facebook profile through browser only, while surfing through many other websites. The browser will take the user directly to the Facebook app or mobile site after receiving a click on notifications.

To see the new push notification feature, you don’t need any add-on. However, you need to be logged into your Facebook account through UC browser. UCWeb has released a statement saying, this is a very first time when Facebook is working with a mobile browser to offer real-time notification outside its own app.

Through this partnership, Facebook is going to continuously push its services specifically in the Indian market, which ranks as a 2nd largest market after the U.S. Actually, there are speculations that soon India could take over the US with huge number of active users.