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Facebook Will Show You, What You Want To See, More Control On News Feed

Facebook News Feed

Over the years, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has gone through the numerous changes to collate the most relevant content. Today the social media giant has introduced an update developed to give you more control on what you see in News Feed.

Now Facebook’s News Feed Preferences show three additional options for filtering through the content you check when you arrive on the website or open an app.

Prioritize Pages & Friends – decide which pages and friends you usually prefer to see content from. They will be seen in News Feed.

Follow/ Unfollow – Stay attached without un-friending people with Facebook’s updated unfollow/follow tool. Unfollowing somebody simply prevents them from being seen in News Feed.

Explore New Pages – Look for more pages to follow based on the form of pages you have specified you like referring content from.

You will be able to adjust these settings at any time just by going to the settings under News Feed Preferences section. From today, the update will be available on iOS and soon on Android.

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm With Time Spent Reading Stories

Facebook Updated News Feed Algorithm

Facebook has declared that it has included a new ranking element in its News Feed algorithm. From now on along with likes, shares and comments, Facebook will also consider the time people spend with a particular content. After studying the user feedback, Facebook has found that content can still be worthy even if people haven’t taken the time to share, like or comment on a story.

This new algorithm update will not just consider the total amount of minutes you spend while reading that particular content, however, rather total time spent in comparison to the time you generally spend on any other type of content.  For instance, if you spent 15 minutes on a story you found in a news feed, when usually you spend only 5 minutes.

According to Facebook, Page owners should not expect to receive drastic changes in reach as an impact of this update. This new algorithm signal has started rolling out.