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Facebook Coming With “Add A Link” Feature To Challenge Google

Facebook Add A Link Feature

According to reports, Facebook is utilizing its index of more than 1 trillion posts to make it easy to share links on mobile. It is difficult for Facebook’s mobile users to search and share the links through their devices. Hence, the social platform is willing to solve the problem by providing an “Add a Link” button to some iOS users’ screens along with the options to share location or photos. Facebook confirmed the news saying, “We are conducting a new way to add a link that has been shared on Facebook.”

If users want to use the Add a Link button, they can type a search term into a box and then preview the link through available menu. Results based on websites and links are already famous in the Facebook app. The latest search feature could possibly yield a good deal of useful data for Facebook, containing user’s content choices and news along with targeted advertising match users’ tastes.

Latest Facebook’s venture into search can prove to be negative news for Google since users will no longer have to leave the app to look for content. An Add a Link button can also get advertising revenue away from Google in courtesy of Facebook’s enormous data and new plans to circulate new content on the website rather than connecting back to the actual website.

As an addition to this search feature, Facebook has also declared that it will now show quick-loading video and editorial content directly through publishers such as NBS News and The New York Times.

Facebook To Guide You About Places With Location-Based Tips

Facebook Location Based Place Tips

Yesterday, Facebook launched a brand new feature exclusively for iPhone app, which would help people to learn much about the attractions and places they are planning to visit. Taking a page from Foursquare and Yelp, Facebook’s place tips will present you interesting facts about the location you are at. Unlike Foursquare and Yelp, you need not check-in at these places and just to show it to your Facebook friends.

When you are out or about to, place tips might pop up on the top of your news feed. Tapping on it will direct you to a series of cards with information about your location, along with photos of your friends who have been there earlier.

Along with place tips, it will also have things like posts published by the location’s Facebook page, upcoming event and most popular menu items. Your location will be tracked by using a mix of cellular networks, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Facebook is also examining special Bluetooth beacons in selected New York business. In the upcoming weeks, NY people will be able to try out place tips in the locations like Times Square, Brooklyn, Central Park, JFK Airport and the Statue of Liberty.

Facebook Releases New Video-Centric Features For Business Pages

Facebook Video Centric Features

Recently, Facebook has been spotted with trying a new design and a handful of new features intended to increase the user experience of business pages, when it comes to presenting and consuming video content.

You can see the latest design of the video section of Facebook pages on ABC News’s page. Moreover, the new design, which looks and feels more of like YouTube Channels, has the capability to select a featured video and generate video playlists. These feature videos will be shown in an extra large layout across the top of the video section, just like how you can now set featured posts to be presented in a similar manner.

Do you think this could be a strategy of Facebook to boost up businesses to upload more video content straight way on the social network, and not through YouTube? According to the reports released this month, this is going to be the first time ever, when page owners will directly upload the videos on Facebook and not sharing the YouTube video links and Facebook wants this momentum going.

Whether or not these features will boost up page owners to upload more videos directly on Facebook and encourage users to watch more video content. This new feature will be added to the more number of pages in coming weeks. Automatically the new design will appear and all videos will be displayed with length, titles, view counts, and like counts. If a featured video is not set then all videos will be arranged chronologically.

Facebook Business Pages Get Call-To–Action Buttons

Facebook call-to-action button

Yesterday, Facebook announced audience-targeting tool for Facebook business pages called as ‘Call-to-action’ button. Pages work as a premium destination for people on Facebook and therefore, Facebook is building up new ways for people to connect with businesses through this new feature. Call-to-action button will help business pages to drive business goals.

These call-to-action buttons are built with the intention to direct the Facebook users to your most valuable Facebook page, sign up to the mailing list, and shop in the e-commerce store and many more things. Following are the 7 call-to-action buttons, which have been released by Facebook. As of now, Facebook didn’t share any further details apart from the names of the buttons.

Contact Us – Business pages can use this button to send visitors directly to a contact form or possibly the button would directly send an email to you.

Book Now – This button will direct the visitors to book a table at your restaurant or room in a hotel or any kind of reservation.

Play Game – If you are a mobile application development company then this button will take the visitors to play your newly developed games.

Use App – If your company is having its own app then with the help of this button the app will open in your mobile device.

Watch video – Direct visitors to check the video of your choice.

Sign Up – Direct visitors to mailing list sign up page or webinar sign up page.

Shop Now – Takes visitors to your e-commerce store.

In the coming few weeks, these call-to-action buttons will roll out in the United States and worldwide next year.

Now, Jump Up From Facebook User To Facebook Page Manager In Single Click!

Facebook Feature

The all-new fresh week has been started today. However, you might not be aware about this but on last week’s Saturday, Facebook had silently released one new feature exclusively for Facebook page managers. This feature allows Facebook page managers to effortlessly switch between their business and personal pages. Yes, earlier also you were able to shift from your personal profile to your business page but now, here the only difference is you can do this quickly in impulsive situations such as commenting or liking the post through your personal profile or scheduling the post on the Facebook page.

Now, whenever you will visit your Facebook page to update new post as a page manager, you will see a drop-down option on the upper right corner side of the post, this option will help you to quickly jump up from your personal account to page manager.

Facebook New Feature

Although, it is a small feature still it has reduced some extra steps that you used to take to change your Facebook identity. This new feature will be beneficial, especially for brands or agencies, which hold multiple Facebook pages and manage it on a daily basis.

If you are a manager of any of the Facebook pages, then go, check out this new feature and share your thoughts on the same. Happy week ahead! 😀