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Learn & Explore The Content Creation With Facebook Through New ‘Facebook Media’

Facebook Media Page

After rolling out a lot of puzzling and surprising algorithm changes, yesterday Facebook came up with something innovative and enlightening for users. “Facebook Media” it is a new sub page of Facebook that highlights the amazing marketing examples running throughout the world. It showcases how the popular public figures, media companies and creative organizations are building connections with audiences with the help of Facebook.

With this new media sub page, Facebook is going to share impressive success stories, best marketing practices and many more that will guide worldwide content creators and will push them to give a second thought over their content creation strategy and make it much more effective.

The page talks about various things, therefore, it is divided into four major sections, which focus over common goals shared by media organizations and content creators.

Below, we are sharing a glimpse of what exactly the page has brought in its bucket for you! Have a look!

Engage Your Facebook Fans –

This section discusses about how famous personalities can use various Facebook tools like Facebook Mentions and get connected with their fans through their own Facebook page. It also contains some brilliant examples of engaging content that you can consider and use for yourself.

Share Videos –

Do you have videos of your product or service? Yes, then share it and let it reach out to the audience. This section talks about how can you engage more and more audience just by sharing videos. And make the best use of call of action and video metrics to engage and understand your audience.

Drive Traffic –

Drive traffic tells you about how to pull traffic by practicing the methods like sharing the blog or website links on the Facebook page, putting the share and like badge on the website and many other best practices.

Incorporate Social & TV content –

Do you work on creating content for television also? If yes, then this section is useful for you. Here, you can find the information related how to take your TV audience on your Facebook page…for example you can promote the TV show by creating a hashtag of the same and featuring it in trending topics and get it noticed by good amount of audience.

With this new media page, Facebook desires to be a good resource of information for media agencies and content creators to explore much about how to attract and engage the audiences and also keep them updated with new and upcoming practices.