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Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm With Time Spent Reading Stories

Facebook Updated News Feed Algorithm

Facebook has declared that it has included a new ranking element in its News Feed algorithm. From now on along with likes, shares and comments, Facebook will also consider the time people spend with a particular content. After studying the user feedback, Facebook has found that content can still be worthy even if people haven’t taken the time to share, like or comment on a story.

This new algorithm update will not just consider the total amount of minutes you spend while reading that particular content, however, rather total time spent in comparison to the time you generally spend on any other type of content.  For instance, if you spent 15 minutes on a story you found in a news feed, when usually you spend only 5 minutes.

According to Facebook, Page owners should not expect to receive drastic changes in reach as an impact of this update. This new algorithm signal has started rolling out.

Photos Drawing Low Organic Reach On Facebook, Study Says

Facebook Image Post

Facebook photos, once known to pull best reach and engagement for Facebook pages, are now attracting the lowest audience. As per the data released by social media research company, photos are no more kind of Facebook, since less than a year ago.

Can you guess, what is the cause of their decline, it’s the success of photos on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm has decided on showing fewer photos in the news feed, while page owners were trying to pull organic reach.

It seems that Facebook’s recent encouragement towards video is what may have boosting photos falling out from Facebook algorithm, however, that would not describe why link posts and also plain text posts are reaching out good amount of people than photo posts.

As per the data, photos have received lowest organic reach since October 2014 till February 2015. During this period, on an average only 3 out of every 100 page fans checked a photo post.

If you compare, now video is becoming a proverbial king of Facebook, with 8.7% organic reach. This is followed by plain text and link posts, with average 5.3% and 5.8% organic reach respectively.

According to data circulated by Facebook in January unveiled that in the US, everyday at least one video is watched by 50% of daily active Facebook users. Also, when it comes to internet video consumption, Facebook has captured market share of YouTube.

Now, what Facebook Marketers should do?

Facebook page owners, who must have been concerned about their page’s organic reach should certainly start including more number of videos in their social media strategy. Video posted directly on Facebook, is known to attract most organic reach, so always keep that in mind, even if you are thinking to share YouTube links.

Hold on, that doesn’t mean you should completely discard the photo posts altogether, just start using as a mix bag, including videos, plain text posts on some occasion.