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Facebook Won’t Charge You For The Ads Unless A Real Person Sees Them

Facebook Ads

Yesterday, Facebook offered a glimpse into its philosophy for counting ad impressions, unveiling that the company doesn’t think that ads should be charged unless and until a real person sees it.

While, it’s a common concept for advertising industry groups to count ‘served’ impressions, Facebook instead counts on ‘viewed’ impressions.

Here is the difference between viewed and served impressions –

Viewed Impressions – It counts impressions only, if the ad gets displayed on a user’s screen.

Served Impressions – As far as an ad renders somewhere on the pages, it’s considered as an impression, even though the ad displays somewhere on the page that a user never sees.

Facebook describes why it measures viewed impressions vs. served ad impressions:

“At Facebook, we think that viewed impressions are a better way to observe ad delivery. The reason is extremely simple. If an ad is viewed by users, it has a good chance to get the value for an advertiser. Due that we use viewed impressions to count ad delivery across the mobile and desktop.”

Facebook goes on to explain it that an ad is considered as viewed the moment it’s displayed in a mobile screen or desktop. If an ad is technically displayed but not actually viewed, then it’s not counted. Those similar conditions will be soon applied to organic content published by businesses.

Anybody who visits Facebook regularly can admit the fact that various ads get displayed over each day, so there are still a lot of ads being charged for, which are getting overlooked.

The approach of not charging for the ads which are never seen at all seems to be a good initiative taken by Facebook. The company includes that ‘our research displays that value will be added as soon as ads will be viewed by users, even though only some portion of the ad was checked for a long period of time.’

Facebook To Launch New Advertising Platform For Marketers To Track Users On Various Devices

Facebook Launches Atlas Ad Platform

According to the new report of Wall Street Journal, soon Facebook is going to launch its new advertising platform, delicately for marketers who always try hard to connect with their potential target audiences through various devices.

This new advertising platform is said to be a refurbished form of the Atlas Advertiser Suite, it is nothing but an ad-serving platform, which was bought from Microsoft preceding year. This latest version will not have any new name but just ‘Atlas’. As per the Facebook team, this new advertising platform will be a great support for the marketers across the world; they will be able to use it for measuring and targeting the efficiency of their ongoing online campaigns and advertisements.

Atlas will help Facebook marketers to exactly understand which of their online advertisements are being interacted, viewed and which ads are actually influencing the buying approach.

Atlas will start functioning first by collecting the data from third party applications, Facebook and the services, which serve Facebook ads. Atlas will have an automatic ad purchasing tool, known as a ‘bidder’ that will allow other marketers to purchase targeted advertising space provided by Facebook.

If you are thinking, what will be the major feature of Atlas, then it would be its capability to reach out to the larger audience of marketers, who eagerly want to take benefit of reaching to the millions of Facebook active users. With Atlas, Facebook would stand as a great challenge for Google for online advertising space.

It is estimated that once Altas is launched, marketers will be able to access more information. At present, marketers need to depend on cookies to check the ad impressions and engagements. With this new ad platform Facebook desires to connect the ad engagement with particular Facebook accounts and then after secretly track those users across various devices.