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3 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2015

digital marketing 2015 trends

Digital marketing performs like traditional marketing; but if savvy marketers wish to stay ahead in competition, they need to keep an eye on the digital marketing’s changing trends. 2015 has started with its emerging trends that will become extremely essential in the coming 12 months. Discovering these trends, understanding their way of working for your business, and executing them before you get too far into the New Year is vital for taking down your competition.

Irrespective of whether your business is totally based on online, a mortar and brick business, or somewhere in between, digital marketing should be an essential part of your game plan. Yet, if you don’t have marketing team then make it as your first resolution for 2015. Only an expert should work behind these three major digital marketing trends –

Time for Mobile –

The year 2014, was an era of mobiles…however, few people were on board to club it in their digital marketing efforts. This means the large number of people online is using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to visit your site. The time of using desktop is about to end, thus marketers have to adjust their layout utilizing responsive design and in all mobile readiness. How do your online newsletter and other outreach gets displayed in a mobile world? Mobile users expect the design to match up with the home page of the web page so that they’ll know where they are and how to simply navigate. They do not have to re-study a new site.

You possibly would need to add a mobile form of your website, an app or both to your plan. Mobile readiness also needs continuous checking, tweaking and fine-tuning. In other words, you probably do not have the time or the skills to do this yourself. While appointing app developer/designer, make sure they are on the mobile bandwagon. You require someone to take up your digital marketing efforts in the mobile world and make it shine. This is full-size advertising.

Video marketing & image marketing –

We all know in the online world “Content is king”, it should not be always in written text. Actually, various studies have proved that additional numbers of consumers find much interest in video or other image oriented advertising that is why social media platforms like YouTube and Vine are getting popular. They are more appealing because of short yet higher quality visuals rather than 450-word blog.

That means all your digital marketing outreach from a blog to e-newsletter, should be more of visual centric. Obviously, not all demographics are going to be preferred over videos and images over text, so dig out your big data and serve your audience what they wish to get.

Local Advertising is online advertising –

Native advertising means those ads, which are hidden behind the content to make it seem organic and it can be done either poorly or well. It’s difficult to create native advertising, which does not squeeze in that field at the end. Make your video advertising easy and understandable. Your business audience will praise your efforts.

Native advertising can’t look overly calculative so digital advertisers won’t find it tough. However, it’s critical to target the right audience through this form of advertising.

2015 has started, make sure you are updated with all the ongoing trends and make sure your business is gathering all the rewards.