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Mobile Search Spend To Capture 83% Share by 2018

Mobile search spend share

Just prior Christmas, research released by eMarketer predicted that by 2018, mobile will share 76.7% of search spend. However, the market research company has come up with an even more astounding number. According to new numbers, by 2018, mobile’s search spend share will be 83%.

The last year prediction was lower than one released in June, as majority of companies are having unpredictable high ad revenues. Back in 2012, desktop shared around 87% of marketer’s search spend, while only $2.24 billion spent on mobile. These statistics contains paid inclusion, contextual text links, SEO, and Paid listings, while mobile accounts for advertising on search applications, search engines, and portals for both tablets and smartphones.

Though, mobile’s budget share has increased at a constant rate, moving 12% in 2013 and 15% in 2014. It is expected that this year it will increase to 13%, which will make marketers to spend on mobile search up to $12.97 billion.

As mobile usage has grown, desktop search has raised too speedily. In a short span of time, desktop spend has fallen to $1.5 billion, losing 27% of the spend share. According to eMarketer’s prediction for 2015, desktop search will be $12.3 billion. With 47.4% of the share, desktop share will be lower than mobile for the very first time.

Mobile Search Spend To Go Beyond Desktop By Next Year; iOS Leading Mobile Web Traffic

iOS mobile search traffic

One recently published report has revealed the projections for mobile search spending for over the next 4 years. As of now, it seems that mobile search spending in the US is expected to exceed desktop search spending.

The overall search spending contains companies putting money into both SEO and PPC ads, for both tablets and smartphones. The predictions are amazing considering last year mobile accounted for just a quarter of all search spending.

In addition next year the ROI of mobile search spend will continue to trace desktop search. The report points out that it is necessary to measure the performance on mobile, especially when it holds a major impact on sales in physical stores.

iOS – Mainstream Mobile Traffic Sender

The recent survey in relation to mobile traffic suggested that, iOS traffic is more as compared to Android.

Furthermore, since the release of iPhone 6, web traffic from iOS devices has reached to 61.4%, while 37.5% mobile web traffic is received from Android devices. Therefore, we will conclude that large population of people is iOS devices and possibly even Android users are shifting to iOS.  Although, Android is the leader, but iOS is significantly used for mobile browsing.