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How To Build Big Facebook Communities Without Advertising?


Speculating how to enhance your Facebook following without running paid advertising? Eager to find the secrets of getting more fans and pulling them towards your blog? Check below to understand how one marketer has created some massive Facebook communities.

How to build a large following –

Cross-promotion through pages is an amazing way to grow brand or page following. It gives a jump start to the fan base. After that, just serve good content to that community, who share and comment on it. Make sure you reply to their comment. You can do cross-promotion by sharing posts on the other pages and ask fans if they are interested in other communities. Make sure your content should relate to the community you are posting on it or you might mess up everything.

Connect Communities To The Blog –

Don’t waste your effort and time on designing and marketing, just focus on the niche blogs and think about how you can utilize them for promotion. Start creating original content, put it as a blog post, you will surely receive good amount of interaction from the audience. Connecting the community to the blog can be a good strategy for driving traffic.

Keep on searching and find out how you can use social networks to build strong community. Take a good amount of time to create great content, including videos. Create blogs, photos, etc. as these things will help you to form communities, pull traffic and ultimately monetize.

Types Of Content Leading In Today’s Digital Marketing World

Types of content

In the current era of digital marketing, content means everything. Nowadays, content does not mean just a standard 500 word blog article with some stock photo and call to action. In relation to make the content go viral with unbelievable numbers, you need to stand out in the crowd. Let’s check out some of the most recent game changers from the digital marketing world.

Live Streams –

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is very simple to live stream.  It’s been quite a long time UStream is there and now companies like Periscope and Meerkat got involved in the mix creating apps, which can be introduced at the tap of your finger on the smart phone.  This approach is real-time, gives content urgency, allows viewers to take a part, and is prepared to share at the tap on smartphone.

Gifographics –

In case you are searching for a kind of content to ‘one up’ your infographics, the most suitable option could be the gifographic. It’s a mix between a static and an interactive Infographic. If you do not have enough budgets to go all out with a custom interactive, a visually moving Infographic is perfect for you. These stand out among the static graphics and are much likely to be shared on the web. In the end, if it’s working for Google then it should work for your business.

Podcasts –

Today’s customer likes to find value and therefore today’s technology is ideal for podcasting. Podcasts are the best combination with comparatively low-cost to create and with a several playing and recording options; it is something that everybody can do. Not just that, users seeking a break from reading a blog post can discover a podcast. It’s easy for users to listen.  Moreover, smartphones make podcasts easy and accessible to share. A podcast can be a perfect investment for your company, if you are searching for another way to reach out to your consumers.

Involving The Fans –

The content trend is moving towards interactivity. It is not just about engaging the target audience but also about allowing them to communicate with the content. This is also supported by the growing technology trends and two way communications between consumers and brands. In relation to keep up with the competition, you must consider how you can build content, which includes and interacts with your target audience.

The time has come, when we have to think out of the box and be ahead of the game in today’s digital marketing trends. This does not mean putting more money, it’s coming up with a more artistic way to catch your followers and boost them to pass along your content.

How To Turn Boring Content Into Humorous One?

How to write humorous content

A day without laughter is a day wasted still a lot of brands share extremely dull content that fails to induce positive emotions and make their clients smile. Well-written content, well-chosen topic that you are expanding on and the particularities of your public, can open many opportunities to build long-lasting connection with your readers.

Humorous Content Helps To Brings The Brand Into The Highlight

An informative piece of content may impress your reader, but humorous, pertinent and original content surely engages the reader and makes them remember you. They might end up following your brand on Facebook and spread word about. This is a kind of connection you need to build with reader to stay relevant in any field. Humorous content can be the secret of your marketing strategy and works amazingly. The brand needs generate content comprising humor to get close to the audience.

How To Make Content Humorous?

Start Small –

Generally smaller projects contain fewer concerns and risks and give the productive space for the development and promotion of humorous content.

Time is everything –

If humorous content is going to be a part of your marketing strategy, then keep an eye on the timing as it is an important aspect to keep in mind when you actually create humorous content.

Get guidance from the right people –

Majority of business communication forms lack humor. This is the dreadful truth of formal communication. Fortunately, you can learn to handle this situation by taking guidance from right people. Take inputs from the most creative person. Don’t hesitate to ask when you are in need. Talk to fun instigating people around you, who know the rigors and nature of your business. This will be a priceless asset for your brand.

Make it tasteful –

Whatever way you choose to follow, wherever it comes to drafting humorous content to entertain your reader, play in the safe-zone by avoiding offensive jokes and controversial content that can infuriate and offend your audience.

6 Brilliant Ideas To Share Your Content


In the world of digital marketing, sharing web content is a must do task if you want to keep your website updated and form a consistent audience. The content you share leaves direct impact on your target audience’s decision making process and it can support you to build partnerships, develop credibility and importantly pull the attention of popular search engines. However, how can you make this possible? Apparently, you can’t draft an article, post it on the website and expect your audience to explore it. You have to spend time endorsing your content on all the channels, where you target audience comes frequently.

Here are some ideas on how you can take the most out of your content through sharing it on various platforms.

Content Creator Outreach –

Get connected with people in your industry who have already created a lot of content on your topic. By getting in touch with the content creators in related industry or your industry, you can build your contact list with influencers who might help you to promote your content. Since you are marketing your business online, creating alliances surely make a sense and can be more impactful than promoting your content on your own.

Always keep this in mind; your main objective in this outreach campaign is not to earn a link. You should feel happy if they like your content and share it in their connections, which will help you to reach out to a larger audience.

Email Campaigns –

If you want your content should reach out to its right target audience, then prompt email campaigns are the most suitable option. If you are holding minimum 1000 subscribers to your news section or blog, you can pull these 1000 subscribers towards your website through directing them to your recently circulated article.

Influencer Outreach –

If you want your recently posted content to be highly distributed to a large targeted audience in the industry then this option is just for you. Influencer outreach is similar to content creator outreach; however, the only variance is influencers have good credibility and reach that can be helpful for you. Web content shared through influencers tends to flow virally and gain a huge amount of traffic. Your content can be cited on other relevant websites in your industry through influencer outreach along with natural link credit.

Social Media –

Social media is another method for powerful content promotion. If you are targeting to a decent amount of followers on your social pages, then social media can make it simpler for your content to be noticed by existing readers. Social pages make audience interaction on each post so that you can talk directly to your audience.

Social Communities –

Similar to the niche voting website, social communities can also be helpful for your content to increase its visibility to your target audience. The only variance is your audience can be a combination of experts, newbies and even influencers of your industry who might be interested to check and share your content in social channels.

The best thing about sharing content in social communities is your audience can directly interact with you and other people connected to the community.

That’s all! Now, you are very well equipped with ideas to raise the reach of your content. Just keep in mind, your content alone can’t perform well if you don’t share it tactfully.

20 Ways To Make Content More Shareable

Shareable Content

Today, we are going to find out new ways of making content more sharable. No, we are not going to tell you to dig out some awesome facts or story. We will just talk about some simple writing tricks, which will definitely help people to make their content more shareable.

Before, we list out the things, the first and most thing is start analyzing human behavior. What encourages people to share the content?  The most basic component to keep in mind is, when people share the content, they get some kind of reward for doing it.  Once you get a good grab over why people are sharing it, you can use this knowledge to improve your own content creation strategy.  There is no universal rule that works with every brand.             Marketing is a gray world; you can’t draw black and white lines. Hence, check the below listed 20 ways of making your content more shareable and use it for your own brand.

1. Show something unexpected –

Compare two different aspects with each other, with no connect at all and then merge them together. You will definitely find something interesting yet unexpected to share with your reader.

2. Write with personality –

Create a style guide for your brand. Consider your company’s values, personality, and trait then think about your personality and mix them all into one amazing voice for the brand. People get connected to emotional content and people get involved with emotional aspects of the content.

3. Collect new data to showcase –

Collate the data on your own instead of something that is readily available. People like to read and share new information.

4. Have Thought Leadership –

Be a thought leader and create a topic to write instead of writing about cutting edge strategies, awesome products or new information. Once, readers will start trusting on your source, they would definitely share it with others.

5. Activate an emotion –

If there is no emotion, there is no connection. Hence, while creating content activate your emotion and write accordingly. You know, sometime posting a simple image on Instagram can do miracle and connect your brand with masses.

6. Study your 5 most successful content pieces –

Use a tracking tool or spreadsheet to study the most successful content pieces. The content, which has got a good amount of shares, is considered as a ‘shareable content’. Go through the five most shared content and create notes out of it and apply the analyzed things such as content type, post titles, also visuals.

7. Ask network what they want? –

This is the simplest yet most important thing to consider. Just send out a tweet or an email to your consumer about which topics they would like to explore. Get the suggestions from them and implement. You can get some productive outcome.

8. Try your hand on new formats –

Visual content pieces get most shares. Try out an infographic or create visually encouraging content. Mix up the things a bit with research reports or in-detailed blog posts and post it.

 9. Predict New Trends –

By forecasting new trends, you are actually showing that you are ahead of the time. When people will share the content they will actually see themselves as a trendsetter and first one to share it too.

10. Post visually appealing content –

Visual content is extremely important. Visual content is not just about pretty images and graphics, but it is actually about attracting people at first glance.

11. Keep it simple –

The most common mistake, majority of content creators do, complicates their topic. Write in a conversational and authentic voice; keep it easy to understand.

12.  Use clear yet strong introduction –

People like to read just about the exact point. Hence, craft a catchy yet informative introduction. The readers should understand what they are exactly going to get ahead. At times, people tend to judge the content from the introductory paragraph, thus make it interesting.

13. Use topic originator tools –

There are a lot of tools that help to originate the content ideas. Check out the questions people are asking on various forums and discussion portals & turn those responses in posts.

14. Have a clear CTA –

This is an effective yet simplest trick to encourage your readers to share the content. At the end of the post ask something like; did you like it? How did you find it? This gives a little push to readers to express their thoughts.

15. Be experimental with content’s self life –

Experiment with the trending as well as evergreen content so that you will have diversity in your toolbox. Fresh content will keep your strategy active, while trending content will bring good amount of shares and spikes.

16.  Add shareable assets on larger content –

Add images which readers can graphs or pin, can share in their own content. Also they’ll get encouraged to ‘click to tweet’

17. Figure out the point of motivation  –

Being a marketer, social media is your ideal platform. Check what people are sharing on social sites and ask yourself why they have shared it Analyze the point of motivation, which encourages people to share the content.

18. One stop shop content –

Write on diverse stories, tips, and case studies etc. so that visitors will find variety of content under one roof.

19. Innovate something new from old –

Many times we write content on the topics other people have already explored. Due to which our content lacks the originality. Hence, in spite of using repetitive topics, innovate something from old by adding more tips and statistics.

20. Tell someone else’s story –

People like to see a new perspective. Interview an individual or people on a topic, which gives your audience an opportunity to experience new perspective.