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How SEO Is In Favor Of Content?

How SEO Is In Favor Of Content Writing?

It is always believed that SEO is one factor that weakens the process of writing content. It takes away the artistic license from the writers and forces them to insert the awkward, irrelevant keywords and phrases. By giving priority to search engines, and not to the users, SEO pollutes the web and makes everything a bit irrelevant.

SEO is an easy target, everyday there is a new article smashing SEO and harking how over spotlighting the SEO can leave negative impact. However, SEO is not at all bad for content or works like an enemy against the content. If you think SEO is destroying your content then you are might not be a good writer or not doing good SEO. How? Check below –

SEO Organizes The Content –

SEO organizes the whole content process. When it comes to writing a book, the chapters and natural growth of information moves the entire story, similarly happens with websites. There is a page hierarchy and expected progression of how a user builds his or her own way through the website. Looking at SEO as a writer means keeping a site structure in mind and how one page will lead into another, directing the users through that invention procedure. It means without displaying you will get to know about a particular topic onto a single page just because you know it very well.

SEO Generates An Idea –

Writers can make use SEO insights through analytics and find out the topics for blog articles, e-books or what to cover up under the next infographic. Writers can use relevant searches, on Yahoo, Bing & Google. They can hit on Google’s Auto Correct. They can utilize any of these modern idea generators to flash an idea. SEO can give you the answer to your ‘what to write’ question for sure.

SEO Finds Great Content –

SEO should be a good friend of content writer as it can help to find a great content. It also helps writers to understand the audience, use the exact terms, know what to write about and organize the content.  SEO makes content smarter, search engine friendly and helps it to reach out to the exact audience.

7 Content Marketing Myths You Should Not Follow

Content Marketing Myths

Content marketing is undoubtedly a soul of online marketing as the whole online world is based on it. Day by day content marketing is getting popular, people are getting crazy and coming with notions to make their content marketing plan work.

While collating the ideas for content marketing, people are also following some content myths, which should not be followed by them to skip the future fall.

So, what are the myths? Let’s discuss!

Myth 1 – If you want to pull traffic, you need to have a blog!

Writing blog is not everybody’s cup of tea. Yes, it helps to drive a good amount of traffic but only if you can keep it updated on a regular basis. Having a blog is like a commitment; it won’t give you the expected result, if you will update it on a weekly basis or monthly basis. A blog needs a good content on a consistent basis; if you can’t fulfill these basis requirements of a blog then just drop the plan of blog. Hence, in spite of creating a blog, go for guest blogging on well-known blogs and receive the impressive amount of visitors.

Myth 2 – Republish the guest posts on your own blog and social platforms!

In the end, if you are writing content for guest blogging then why not republish it on your own blog! Yes, it is the easiest way to drive the traffic from two different sources. Try to republish your content on as many popular places as possible. However, here you might face a risk of getting affected by a Panda update, hence, pick the right places and republish your content. (To know more about Google Panda Update Click Here – Google 27th Panda Update )

Myth 3 – There is a difference between B2B & B2C Content marketing strategies

Content marketing cannot be the same for business blog as it is for a consumer blog. As consumers like to read shorter content, combining visuals, trendy information and emotions. On the other hand, visitors checking business blogs like to read ‘How-To’ type of articles, which provide some kind of business advice or insights to them.

Myth 4 – Longer Is Better

You need not to write heavy text blog posts, especially if you are writing content for B2C blog. If you are writing for the B2B blog then consider writing long content posts as it will improve the ranking, get more backlinks and build trust. More than size concentrate on the quality of the content. Write quality content, have good quality images, podcasts, and videos; it is a simple way to get search as well as social traffic.

Myth 5 – Share your most appreciated piece of content on your site

Why would you share your most appreciated piece of content on your site? Yes, of course, because you need more traffic, higher ranking and backlinks, right? This will certainly help you to increase your blog reach and ultimately the blog traffic.

Myth 6 – More content means more reach

First try to write high quality content. Once you will get used to the process, start writing tons of content. However, without the quality, there is no value for bigger content.

Myth 7 – Content marketing is successful only if you can trace it to sales

In the real world, whatever work we are doing, should turn into money, is what we usually follow. In blogging world too, whatever content you are creating or sharing on your blog should trace sales and benefit you. But it happens rarely. So, if you find that a visitor has visited your blog thrice a time then the visitor is likely to be your potential consumer.

20 Ways To Make Content More Shareable

Shareable Content

Today, we are going to find out new ways of making content more sharable. No, we are not going to tell you to dig out some awesome facts or story. We will just talk about some simple writing tricks, which will definitely help people to make their content more shareable.

Before, we list out the things, the first and most thing is start analyzing human behavior. What encourages people to share the content?  The most basic component to keep in mind is, when people share the content, they get some kind of reward for doing it.  Once you get a good grab over why people are sharing it, you can use this knowledge to improve your own content creation strategy.  There is no universal rule that works with every brand.             Marketing is a gray world; you can’t draw black and white lines. Hence, check the below listed 20 ways of making your content more shareable and use it for your own brand.

1. Show something unexpected –

Compare two different aspects with each other, with no connect at all and then merge them together. You will definitely find something interesting yet unexpected to share with your reader.

2. Write with personality –

Create a style guide for your brand. Consider your company’s values, personality, and trait then think about your personality and mix them all into one amazing voice for the brand. People get connected to emotional content and people get involved with emotional aspects of the content.

3. Collect new data to showcase –

Collate the data on your own instead of something that is readily available. People like to read and share new information.

4. Have Thought Leadership –

Be a thought leader and create a topic to write instead of writing about cutting edge strategies, awesome products or new information. Once, readers will start trusting on your source, they would definitely share it with others.

5. Activate an emotion –

If there is no emotion, there is no connection. Hence, while creating content activate your emotion and write accordingly. You know, sometime posting a simple image on Instagram can do miracle and connect your brand with masses.

6. Study your 5 most successful content pieces –

Use a tracking tool or spreadsheet to study the most successful content pieces. The content, which has got a good amount of shares, is considered as a ‘shareable content’. Go through the five most shared content and create notes out of it and apply the analyzed things such as content type, post titles, also visuals.

7. Ask network what they want? –

This is the simplest yet most important thing to consider. Just send out a tweet or an email to your consumer about which topics they would like to explore. Get the suggestions from them and implement. You can get some productive outcome.

8. Try your hand on new formats –

Visual content pieces get most shares. Try out an infographic or create visually encouraging content. Mix up the things a bit with research reports or in-detailed blog posts and post it.

 9. Predict New Trends –

By forecasting new trends, you are actually showing that you are ahead of the time. When people will share the content they will actually see themselves as a trendsetter and first one to share it too.

10. Post visually appealing content –

Visual content is extremely important. Visual content is not just about pretty images and graphics, but it is actually about attracting people at first glance.

11. Keep it simple –

The most common mistake, majority of content creators do, complicates their topic. Write in a conversational and authentic voice; keep it easy to understand.

12.  Use clear yet strong introduction –

People like to read just about the exact point. Hence, craft a catchy yet informative introduction. The readers should understand what they are exactly going to get ahead. At times, people tend to judge the content from the introductory paragraph, thus make it interesting.

13. Use topic originator tools –

There are a lot of tools that help to originate the content ideas. Check out the questions people are asking on various forums and discussion portals & turn those responses in posts.

14. Have a clear CTA –

This is an effective yet simplest trick to encourage your readers to share the content. At the end of the post ask something like; did you like it? How did you find it? This gives a little push to readers to express their thoughts.

15. Be experimental with content’s self life –

Experiment with the trending as well as evergreen content so that you will have diversity in your toolbox. Fresh content will keep your strategy active, while trending content will bring good amount of shares and spikes.

16.  Add shareable assets on larger content –

Add images which readers can graphs or pin, can share in their own content. Also they’ll get encouraged to ‘click to tweet’

17. Figure out the point of motivation  –

Being a marketer, social media is your ideal platform. Check what people are sharing on social sites and ask yourself why they have shared it Analyze the point of motivation, which encourages people to share the content.

18. One stop shop content –

Write on diverse stories, tips, and case studies etc. so that visitors will find variety of content under one roof.

19. Innovate something new from old –

Many times we write content on the topics other people have already explored. Due to which our content lacks the originality. Hence, in spite of using repetitive topics, innovate something from old by adding more tips and statistics.

20. Tell someone else’s story –

People like to see a new perspective. Interview an individual or people on a topic, which gives your audience an opportunity to experience new perspective.