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Insights Of Research On Click-To-Call

Click To Call

We all are very well aware about the increasing mobile traffic; Google itself is receiving 50% of its traffic through mobile. There has also been a tremendous jump in consumer’s usage of the click-to-call feature of search advertising. Click-to-call is extremely useful, you can immediately check product pricing and availability or book an appointment for service. In 2013, as per Google’s report, 70% of mobile searchers are making a direct call to business through search results.

Marketers have responded to the enhancement in the usage of click-to-call with augmented spending. The Marchex institute predicts that last year, marketers invested more than $4 billion on mobile search ads to get phone call inquiries. However, they might be making wrong spendings. There is a huge gap in Bing’s & Google’s analytics, which keeps marketers away from understanding which of their ad campaigns are pulling sales leads. This can be a $4 billion blind spot.

To give noticeable space to marketers in this big marketing spend, Marchex has launched Call Analytics for Search, an analytic platform that offers complete keyword attribution to all the calls through paid search.

Experiences of New Ad

While the majority of analytic platforms was made to keep a track of an ad through an online purchase, the rise in mobile has developed new forms of ad experiences, adding the famous click-to-call ad extension that cannot be tracked in a similar way. There are two problems with already existing click-to-call analytics, as per the John Busby, the senior vice-president of consume insights and marketing, Marchex, considering which calls have commercial intention and recognizing the real keywords, which lead to conversions.

Busby says, different search phrases or keywords will serve different forms of phone calls. While the shortage of keyword attribution in click-to-call is one of the major blind spots, which exist in today’s mobile advertising. Depending only on the data offered by Bing or Google, marketers must consider that every call with longer than two minutes duration is nearly same. There is no other way to tell whether a specific two-minute call was with an expectancy finding more information before booking an appointment, a person with questions regarding a bill; or a current customer who was put on hold.

‘By using call extension ads, you can no more associate a particular sale to a particular keyword.’ You just know how many phone calls you had received at the campaign level, says Busby.

Deeper Campaign

As per Busby, what is most bizarre about Marchex’s research is, how much advertisers can enhance their click-to-call campaign’s ROI, when this research becomes visible.

He adds that this information is particularly important for highly competitive search terms like, ‘online MBA, cable television or insurance’ where clicks can cost around $50 and there are a lot of advertisers vying for top most position.

Facebook Business Pages Get Call-To–Action Buttons

Facebook call-to-action button

Yesterday, Facebook announced audience-targeting tool for Facebook business pages called as ‘Call-to-action’ button. Pages work as a premium destination for people on Facebook and therefore, Facebook is building up new ways for people to connect with businesses through this new feature. Call-to-action button will help business pages to drive business goals.

These call-to-action buttons are built with the intention to direct the Facebook users to your most valuable Facebook page, sign up to the mailing list, and shop in the e-commerce store and many more things. Following are the 7 call-to-action buttons, which have been released by Facebook. As of now, Facebook didn’t share any further details apart from the names of the buttons.

Contact Us – Business pages can use this button to send visitors directly to a contact form or possibly the button would directly send an email to you.

Book Now – This button will direct the visitors to book a table at your restaurant or room in a hotel or any kind of reservation.

Play Game – If you are a mobile application development company then this button will take the visitors to play your newly developed games.

Use App – If your company is having its own app then with the help of this button the app will open in your mobile device.

Watch video – Direct visitors to check the video of your choice.

Sign Up – Direct visitors to mailing list sign up page or webinar sign up page.

Shop Now – Takes visitors to your e-commerce store.

In the coming few weeks, these call-to-action buttons will roll out in the United States and worldwide next year.