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How To Increase Downloads Of Your App?

How To Increase Downloads Of App

Developing an app is not an easy thing to do. You must have worked hard to make your app look perfect and ready to download. After making the app available, it’s expected that you will see some quick downloads. However, it’s a temporary phase as in the majority of cases the numbers of download start reducing day by day. That means developing an app and then uploading it on Google Play Store is not enough. Getting more and more number of users on app and making them download it is vital, if you wish to make good amount of profit out of it.

To make it happen, you need to engage and encourage the users to download the app. It is a tricky process for developers who have developed the app very first time. Downloads will increase only when the app will reach out to s large number of people. Make your app popular to get it noticed by users. There are a lot of things, which you need to consider to increase the downloads of your app such as –


1.     Translated App Descriptions –

Whenever a user comes across to a new app, firstly he looks out for a description to know what exactly this app is all about? Therefore, work on your description and create a nice long description for your app. Describe your app in local language like Spanish, Korean, Chinese or French. Google Play has a feature to translate the description automatically with Google Translate.

Moreover, don’t forget to infuse popular keywords in the title and description of an app, this way you will increase the chances of getting your app displayed on top of the page. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your app and also don’t do over stuffing of keywords. The content should be good and professional. The title should be relevant to the use and function of the app.

While listing out the app features, be transparent and mention about the monetization as well if it is there in the app.


2.    Make A Video –

Create a video for your app and increase your app visits. Yes, video will definitely boost up downloads of your app. Hire a professional agency to get the best video for your app and use it as a major promotional tool for your app.


3.   Limited Discounts –

For a period of time, you can either offer your app for a free of cost or at a half price. As nothing will pull the customers better than a good bargain price. You can use some specific software to manage the timing and timescale of your app discount. Making an app available at half price or free will boost up downloads; also it will help to rank the app at a higher position in the list of popularity.


4.    Get Reviews –

If you can get some reviews published about your app on some popular blogs then it will surely prove beneficial for your app. There are many blog writers, who would like to review your app and write about it.


5.    Use Social Media –

If you want to make people talk about your app then social media is a great platform to do so and that too free. You can use various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…to increase the awareness, engage the audience. Also, with the help of social media sites you can keep your followers updated about the app and online app world.