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Facebook is Testing Its Own Medium-Like Content Platform




Facebook is testing the idea of turning its present Notes product into a long-form content platform. This test was first spotted by Dave Winer on Twitter, who linked to an example. Visiting the link in his tweet will show you a Facebook Note that more look like a page of content you’d see on a site like Medium.

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed the test, stating: “We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook.”

This update is composed to make Notes more relevant & usable — a Facebook feature that mainly went forgotten once the company started allowing longer status updates.

If Facebook wants people to blog on their site, the biggest selling point right is its huge built-in audience. The company faces competition from Medium when it comes to attracting thought leaders to its content platform. LinkedIn has also been making a name for itself as a platform for content publishing professionals.

Facebook may have a niche for itself as a platform for casual bloggers, and those who never considered the idea of starting a blog.

Facebook is raising its concern to Notes is fascinating and it will be interesting to see what comes of it.


How To Build Big Facebook Communities Without Advertising?


Speculating how to enhance your Facebook following without running paid advertising? Eager to find the secrets of getting more fans and pulling them towards your blog? Check below to understand how one marketer has created some massive Facebook communities.

How to build a large following –

Cross-promotion through pages is an amazing way to grow brand or page following. It gives a jump start to the fan base. After that, just serve good content to that community, who share and comment on it. Make sure you reply to their comment. You can do cross-promotion by sharing posts on the other pages and ask fans if they are interested in other communities. Make sure your content should relate to the community you are posting on it or you might mess up everything.

Connect Communities To The Blog –

Don’t waste your effort and time on designing and marketing, just focus on the niche blogs and think about how you can utilize them for promotion. Start creating original content, put it as a blog post, you will surely receive good amount of interaction from the audience. Connecting the community to the blog can be a good strategy for driving traffic.

Keep on searching and find out how you can use social networks to build strong community. Take a good amount of time to create great content, including videos. Create blogs, photos, etc. as these things will help you to form communities, pull traffic and ultimately monetize.