SEO Can’t Survive Without Social Media, You Know Why?

Social Media For SEO

What do you think, ‘does social media play an important role in getting good search engine rankings? We think, it does, but actually the question should be like, “Can SEO succeed without social media?” And we definitely believe no, it cannot. In current scenario social media is having a major share in shaping up the society. And it doesn’t seem that social media will lose its grip from our social lives so easily. That means search engines will always seek for ways to integrate with specific social signals into the ranking algorithms. Indeed, Social media is a real time pulse of what we love, what we like or dislike and loathe. With the help of social media, search engine just wants to spread out relevant, useful content for both the social and search masses & each individual.

Social Media Has Transformed SEO Forever –

Social media has undoubtedly changed the landscape of SEO and now there is no going back for sure! Earlier, links were the basic off-page factor for search engines, which experts used to consider while analyzing the popularity, authority and importance of a site. Now, Social Media is a new backlink.

Just a few days ago, Matt Cutt from Google had stated that they are also planning to drop out backlinks from their Google algorithm so don’t be surprised if Google will continue to bring down the links or completely remove it from the picture. The chances of removing the links completely are less, however, Google will definitely start depending less on backlinks and find alternate link value mechanisms and add it in Google algorithm.

So, as links will be considered less that means social media will be valued more. And something will be of course ‘social media’. Social media ranking factors are as wide as ‘on page’ ranking factors and therefore, social media stands as a powerful addition to the blend of algorithm signals.

Search Engine Ranking In 1999 & In 2014 –

Without going through the entire search engine algorithms, we can easily say that search engines were entirely dependent on on-page factors for rankings. Google had introduced links as an element that helped to show much relevant results than the rest of other search engines. After which, people started linking their site to only those sites, which added the value to the trick they were using for ranking.  And after that as we can see the whole SEO industry got messed up with massive link manipulation. And therefore, Google had started cutting down the ‘bad’ links, which were made with indecent intent.  But till then, links and on-page optimization had reached everywhere.

In 2014, the scenario is totally different. Today, there are a lot of factors, which matter to search engine ranking such as content, usability issues, conversion and social media prominently.  Search engines want to show sites, which will prove valuable for searchers. If the site doesn’t have information what the visitor is looking for then the site won’t receive visitors and ultimately the conversion rate will go down. All these signals prove that the site itself is of low searcher value.

Social Connection Can Help SEO Causation-

Even though social media marketing doesn’t have a direct connection with rankings, it surely helps out with search engine ranking. As social content receives the same signals, which search engines are looking for. This way indirectly social media supports the rankings. Content that deserves to get ranked should also do well in social globe and vice-versa.

Social media does not boost up the rankings but it certainly enhances the ranking opportunities. Social media provides an awesome platform to promote content, however, that doesn’t mean it is a promotional platform, it is more of an engagement platform. Promotion is just a small part of building engagement.

Having a better engagement on social media has both a page specific and a site wide effect that can turn into ranking opportunities, which you might miss if you fail to build your presence on social platforms. Nowadays, when large amount of sites are jumping on the social bandwagon, it is highly essential to get on to the board or else the competitors will go ahead of you.

Despite, all the failed predictions made in the past 15 years, SEO hasn’t expired yet and will not in future. However, that does not mean it can stay alive. It can’t. As along with good links, SEO also needs strong social media support in order to get top search engine ranking.