Reasons why people share content on Social Media

Reasons why people share content on Social Media


The domain of Facebook Marketing and Business is very uncertain in terms of updates, news feed. The regular updation of the ‘News Feed Algorithm’ makes a major impact on the the way people see your brand’s updates.


The latest update to Facebook Algorithm focusses more on user generated and shareable content rather than promotional ones.So it is advised to the brands to Post things that your audience is likely to share with their friends.

Hence it is necessary to understand the sharing habits of your audience in order to ensure brand engagement and awareness.


Sharing for Useful Purpose

It can be news content, how-tos, or reviews.The majority of people share things they hope their friends will find useful.


So What exactly do I share?


The content you are sharing must look good and attractive , More than 60% people they avoid sharing content that make them look bad


People share things on social media because:-


1. Their friends come to know about the things they care.

2. To make their friends feel something (happiness , sad , angry)


Sharing Makes People Feel Connected


More than a billion people log in to facebook , every day to keep connected with family and friends. So create shareable content that people will love.


Growing a loyal community will help build momentum you need to help your business thrive, regardless of whatever changes Facebook throw at you.

While nothing here should be too surprising , it’s a good reminder to create content relevant to your industry.