Reasons Why Call Only Ads Should Be Included In Your PPC Strategy



The mobile world is continually growing and expanding its branches tremendously. As per the Google statistics –


  • 79% of smartphone owners majority use their phone to shop


  • 70% people do internet search on mobile and call the businesses directly through search results.


  • 82% of mobile shoppers are using search to decide what they are going to shop for.


Last month, AdWords came up with a new ad format for phones with call-only campaigns. This is an ‘update’ from the call extensions, which we have been using. While call extensions are an efficient way to promote your business contact number in an ad, call-only campaigns have moved one step ahead. It is particularly targeted to business, for whom the focus is phone calls. However, even though some part of your business depends partially on phone calls as opposed to clicks, it is a plan that you must include in your marketing mix.


It is easy to set up the campaign. When you will make a campaign in the Settings tab, just select the Call-Only option.


Are you still skeptical about this new feature? If yes, then check out the following compelling reasons to migrate to this new feature.


  1. Phone number shouldn’t be at the topside of the ad –


With this ad format, the first thing, which you get to see, is the phone number, titled as ‘Call’, unlike call extensions. This new ad format is more likely to encourage the user to take an action. It is visible with big font size and blue colored text. 


  1. A click is equal to phone call –


With call-only ads, a click immediately gets translated into a phone call. In spite of someone clicking on an ad and landing on the website, you directly connect the buyer and seller to each other and make them talk. Therefore, it is essential to increase the value of each call. You can bid for ads based on what value it contains for your business. For example, you can bid based on the ROAS for the call.


  1. Noticeable Call Button –


The call button is placed next to the ad in a noticeable form. This provokes users to make an immediate call and inquire.


  1. Ability to run more targeted ads –


It is essential to plan a strategy with call-only-ads. As the call to action is the call itself, here you don’t have to work on text to promote a call to action. This is totally different from writing ad copy, which we usually do, so it needs a different treatment. Ensure that your ad creates a notion that you can be reached out in an effortless way and that they are not directed to a website.


  1. Direct connection to your business


When you look at call-only ads as a direct connection to your business. Make sure when somebody calls in, your call support team is quite well-versed in the ad copy, which is being used, so they know what people are seeking for when they make calls. This is essential because people are not dependent on your website – they are dependent on your call center.


Call only ad is a great way to promote your business by directly targeting your mobile customers. Try it!